Big Brother USA S08E21

Amber is still crying. She believes God is going to make her win BB.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Jen is trying to weasel herself into Jessica’s mind. She wants them gone or their relationship broken up. She feels threatened, because she can feel the danger.

Zach’s plan is to break up the action that is brewing between Eric and Jessica. Zach lies down on Jessica and puts his head on her boobs. Eric is feeling uncomfortable.

Amber and Jameka are strategizing, but they don’t really have anything to go on. After Jameka sprouted some bullshit about being ordained by God to win the PoV, Amber is saying the same shit. She is crying again in the dairy room.

Eric has to give his childhood stuffed toy to Jessica. It works pretty well. Danielle is talking with Zach in the HoH room.

It’s time for the veto competition and Zach, Jessica and Dick join the nominees and the HoH for the power. The HoH announces that the finalists of the PoV comp will leave the house in a special trip. After the competition, Amber is crazily crying again in the diary room. She needs therapy or drugs. Or preferably both. Danielle wins PoV, amidst Amber’s insane praying.

Right after the competition, Amber is crying hysterically. In other editions of BB, psychoanalysts would be sent in to deal with someone like Amber. She is totally falling apart and loosing it. She is always crying and she is totally pathetic.

Danielle wants to deal with Amber, taking her off the block and putting Jen on. Danielle wants Jen gone. I heard Jameka blaspheme, she’s either ignorant or idiotic, I can’t figure out which. To believe that God ordains a stupid reality show like BB is loony, and both Jameka and Amber believe it. I think that it’s actually a sign of egomania or narcissism to believe that God would care about your daily life in the BB house.

Amber swears on her daughter’s life that she will not put her up, she won’t backdoor her and that she will vote the way that Danielle wants. Danielle is pretty stoked about that deal. Amber even said that she would vote to get rid of Jameka. What a Christian! A Judas is in our midst!

Amber is crying during her speech during the PoV. Danielle uses the PoV to save Amber and nominate Jen.

Amber and Danielle get to go to the Power of 10 show in NYC with Drew Carey. Looks pretty bad, but at least they will leave the house. Totally against BB rules though, but hey, it’s BBUS.

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