1TB Isn’t Enough

I haven’t burnt any DVDs since I arrived in Taiwan in September 2006. This means that I’ve pretty much filled up my 1TB computer.

I was down to the last 15GB among my 3 HDs when I finally started burning some stuff. I managed to free up about 20% of my HDs until I ran out of DVDs. I’ll have to get some more later this week.

I thought that I had enough RAM for my computer, 3GB worth, but when I run Photoshop and do HDR photos, I just run out of it. I’ll need to add more at some point. Otherwise, I’m pretty happy about my 1TB workstation. I could do with another 1TB. The only other thing that would be needed would be a bigger monitor or a dual monitor set-up. I think the cheapest would be just getting another 22″ LCD widescreen monitor. They are pretty cheap here and the set-up would be sweet; I’ve always wanted to have something like that, but have never really been able to.

With the news of a new 14-24mm f/2.8 Nikkor lens coming out in November, I’m really itching to see the difference with a 12-24mm f/4. I had planned on getting the latter lens in the next year. The new lens is almost 50% more expensive but promises to be even more wide-angle. I just found a nice cheap wireless IR remote shutter release for my D200. It’s pretty cheap and will be appreciated on our next trip to Cambodia in late September. Other than that, I’ll get a compact tripod to take along. A full sized tripod is too much of a pain.

I’ve watched 6 episodes of Dexter (Showtime) and I am really enjoying it. I think that Showtime has a lot of great shows, like Weeds and Californication. I’ve just realized that I didn’t post my review of the pilot. I will do so later on. (Mission accomplished, review posted)

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