Big Brother USA S08E22

Jen is being nominated again. Dick tries to talk to Jen about it, in a less confrontational way than usual.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

We just heard BBUS’ voice. It’s terrible! In fact, I wonder why this show is called BB since there is no BB really. There is Julie Chen and other people.

Amber and Danielle leave for their spot in the gameshow.

Jameka isn’t happy about Jen’s comments on the show. Dick is smelling a rat, and sees that Jen is packing her stuff. Jen is cooking hamburgers. Jen says that she doesn’t want to go to the sequestered house. Jen takes Dick’s cigarettes and throws them out. She destroys them and wanted to pour bleach on them. She didn’t have time. Dick finds out and is upset. Dick finds Jen’s clothes and takes them up to the HoH room. Jen said that she hid her clothes because she didn’t want Dick to find them. That didn’t work.

Jen is eating a turkey burger, an apple and cottage cheese. Jen is called to the diary room. She receives a penalty vote during the eviction vote. Dick blows smoke in her face and she starts to try to slap him. She is attacking Dick and being violent.

Danielle and Amber get flown to NYC on a private jet. They are informed that they will be playing against each other. Nick is being flown in to help Danielle. Amber’s cousin will come in as well.

Votes to evict

Dick: Jen
Amber: Jen
Eric: Jen
Zach: Jen
Jessica: Jen

Jen is evicted. In Jen’s goodbye messages, it’s obvious that people are sucking up to Jen, since they know she is going to the sequestered house.

Jessica is HoH again.

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