Californication S01E01 (Showtime)

Following in the vein of shorter entertaining dramedies like Weeds, currently about to begin its third season, Californication follows Hank Moody, a writer whose book was just turned into a cheesy movie.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I thorougly enjoyed this pilot. It’s most definitely not politcally correct, but just like Weeds, it’s hilarious at points. I find that Californication is actually a lot funnier than Weeds. The last season and the beginning of this season are very serious in that show. Californication is about sex, avoiding responsibility and writer’s block.

Moody can’t deal with the fact that he is no longer with his partner and that she has moved on. He can’t handle that she left him. He cannot deal with the fact that his movie was adapted into something shitty with TomKat. He sees himself as a whore, whose work of art was desecrated by Hollywood. Dealing with this, he is on a self-destructive spiral. A spiral that he isn’t sure he wants to get out of. His muse is gone as well, he hasn’t written a word since his novel became a movie. His agent is trying to help him out, but Moody won’t have it.

He hates his partner’s fiancée and can’t believe that she is actually getting married. Becca his daughter is his only salvation. Through her he is able to ask penance for his sins. It will be interesting to see how he will save his train wrecked life.

A word to the wise though, this show features nudity, adult language and situations, just like most shows on Showtime and HBO.

* * * * *

Since then, he hasn’t been able to write and has been sleeping with anything that walks on two legs. This is partly because his partner left him with his 12 year old daughter. Now, he only sees her from time to time.

Hank is a lovable bloke with a lot of problems, hedonistic and sarcastic, he is a great character to watch. I found the pilot actually excellent and I am looking forward for the next episodes. Just like weeds, there is nudity, adult language and situations that you would not normally see on network television. But since this is a cable show, it’s not a problem. Don’t get me wrong, if you are easily offended, do not watch this show. In the first five minutes, Hank manages to desecrate a church and a nun in his dreams; it’s not for the faint of heart.

In the end, Hank, played admirably by David Duchovny, is a lovable guy in his old Porshe.

Hank is a writer with writer’s block. He is divorced and is late to meet his daughter. There is a naked woman waiting for them. His ex-partner tells him that he is getting married.

There is no hair on her vagina, do you think she is OK?
Becca, Hank’s daughter to Hank.

His book has been turned into a movie, that he hasn’t seen. He slept with the man responsible of turning it into a lame romantic comedy. He finally goes to see the movie, but has a fight with a man constantly talking on his cell phone.

Becca is making out in school and gets caught. She doesn’t know how to make boys like her. This is brought to her parents’ attention. Hank has to intervene to get Becca out of a party. He asks his ex-partner to marry him instead of her current boyfriend Bill. He finds out that the girl that he slept with from the bookstore is actually Bill’s 16 year old daughter. He starts to write again.

* * * * *

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