Californication S01E02 (Showtime)

Hank goes to pick up his daughter, who is still mad at him for the last time. Becca blackmails her mom and her future stepfather into inviting Hank for the family dinner.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

His agent pitches him the blog idea again. It’s the only offer he has right now. He gets busy with a new girl and finds out that she is a pornstar.

He starts writing for HeLA magazine.

He goes to the dinner and behaves inappropriately. His ex-partner gets him a date and she is fondling Hank underneath the table while Mia, Bill’s young 16 year old daughter, is playing with his privates.

After bonding with his daughter, he gets high with the scientologist date. He then proceeds to have sex with her in his ex-partner’s bed. While they are getting busy, Hank bumps his head on the new painting that Bill bought. He starts to bleed and then pukes because he is so high. His ex walks in while he is proceeding with intercourse. He meets Mia outside who tells him that her dad employs him now, because HeLa magazine belongs to Bill.

* * * * *

This episode wasn’t as strong as the pilot, which I loved, but it was still entertaining. The fact that Hank went to a party at his ex’s house and was caught getting high, having sex in her bed and puking on the ex’s fiancée’s new very expensive artwork is a pure Mastercard moment; priceless.

* * * * *

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