Flash Gordon S01E02 (Scifi)

The Mongo bounty hunter Baylin has been spotted a few times by the locals and Flash goes to find her. On the way there, he is informed by the professor that a new rift has formed in the ship graveyard. Ming has sent a hunter to Earth.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The professor tries to repair the rift blaster but it doesn’t work. They find a body and make an anonymous tip to the cops. Something has come through. This show is clearly Canadian or at least shot in Vancouver.

The Mongo bounty hunter corners Flash at his mom’s and tells him that she will live there. The hunter is tracking the bounty hunter.

Ming has to execute a Verden ice smuggler. The Verden are the locals who ruled Mongo before Ming.

Dale was able to diffuse a situation with the police. They talk to Baylin and she tells them that the man is after her. Tyrus the hunter finds Baylin. We find out that Baylin is Tyrus’ bondmate. She tries to escape from him and he chases her. What a storyline!

Zarok is there to investigate the rift. Aura tries to convince Ming to not execute the Verden ice smuggler. He doesn’t but he gives water to the girl that he was trying to save.

There is a confrontation between Tyrus and Flash. Flash pretends that Baylin is his bondmate. He throws him through the rift.

Dale is jealous of Baylin. She is still staying with Flash.

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The show hasn’t improved. It’s still a mix of clichés and past shows. However, for the demographic that watches shows like this, young males, storyline and other pet peeves of mine aren’t that relevant. Does the show have some hot babes? Yes. Are there some special effects? Yes. I wonder how long this show will last. The thing that it has going for it is that it’s on a specialty channel on cable, so a show that would normally get canceled immediately on one of the main networks has a chance of lasting a lot longer on Scifi.

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