Big Brother UK 8 Day 90

Chanelle made a surprise visit into the house. Ziggy and Carole got a few minutes with her. It was good. The twins are wondering about a moth and calling it a beast.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The HM have gathered in the living area for today’s task. They must answer questions in a quiz. During the quiz, they see Dermot impersonating Brian. Davina does an impression of Carole. We see the popular yet embarrassing “It’s not you, it’s me” line from Ziggy. We also see the infamous clown argument with Charley. We see Liam’s “Wings of steel” move on Amy.

For their individual question, Ziggy and Carole have to identify the mystery person. It’s Chanelle. Ziggy has a look of embarrassment on his face. Chanelle tells Ziggy to “drop the conversation”. To which, Ziggy says “About what?”.

The twins are crying because they want to see Chanelle. Chanelle and Ziggy have a personal moment by themselves. Chanelle tells him that her agent wants to sign Ziggy. Ziggy is all emotional about seeing Chanelle. He needs a moment to compose himself.

Ziggy, Jonty and Liam won the task. Later, Liam, Ziggy and Brian are talking. Brian tries to persuade Ziggy that he is cool. Ziggy gets a BB photo album.

Brian and Liam are having a bit of an argument about something. It has to do with something that Liam said and that Brian asked him about it. Ziggy leaves the conversation and goes to bed. Sam wants the argument to stop. Amanda is trying to calm Liam down. Both guys go to the smoking area. Amanda is starting to cry. The guys make up.

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