Big Brother UK 8 Day 91

Brian is starting the day with some cider.

Ziggy received a lot of negative comments from the outside world yesterday. BB calls him in the diary room.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Jonty and Carole are talking about Ziggy. They don’t think that he isn’t feeling too well. Ziggy getting into the shower.

Jonty is in the diary room talking about Ziggy. Ziggy got about 3 hours of sleep last night. He joins Brian and Liam at the smoking area.

The HM have to create their own tasks. The HM are split up into teams of two and have to design their own task. The best task will be chosen by BB and will be used.

Liam and Brian’s task involves a lot of booze, pizza and kebabs. Ziggy is still feeling bad about the “it’s not you it’s me line” from yesterday. He said this when he was breaking up with Chanelle earlier in the BB.

Ziggy is in the diary room and wants to leave again. He is so predictable. He says that he feels ashamed and embarrassed about what he said. He talks to Carole about it when he leaves the diary room.

BB chooses Liam and Brian’s task. It involves chugging some beer, eating a kebab. The HM pass the task. Later, Samanda start screaming as if they were being killed. Amanda had a spider in her hair.

Liam is in the diary room talking about the house. Liam has noticed that Brian is a bit nervous. BB gathers the HM to reveal the punishment of Liam, Ziggy and Carole. The other HM are told in the diary room that the nominations will happen now and that they can only nominate Liam, Ziggy and Carole.

Ziggy, Carole and Liam scream out to the other HM to nominate. After deliberating for a few minutes, they nominate Ziggy and Carole, because they were the ones talking about the nominations and Liam got involved unwittingly in the conversation.

BB tells them that there will be no nominations. There will be no eviction. As a punishment, Carole, Ziggy and Liam had to hear the other HM nominate them.

Ziggy congratulates and compliments Sam for coming up with the solution of their dilemma. Carole tells Amanda that she should listen to Sam, as first born. Amanda is in the bathroom crying about what Carole said. It makes Amanda look like the bad twin.

Later, the twins talk with Carole about it. She apologizes to them.

I thought, I just wanted to give her a cuddle until she wasn’t alive anymore.
Liam about Sam.

Amanda is in the diary room. She says that Carole sounded a bit patronizing. BB makes Mandy feel better about herself.

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