Big Brother USA S08E23

The HM are happy that Jen is gone.

Jen says that her prayers were answered when Jessica became HoH. Amber believes that she is safe, but Jessica says that she will nominate her. Amber thinks that Dick and Danielle will be nominated.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Eric poses a few questions to Jessica. There is definitely something blossoming in the air between them. She says that she would rip her clothes off and make out with him instead of talking strategy if the cameras were off.

Amber and Jessica are talking about what Jen said before leaving. Apparently, Eric told Jen that he had a girlfriend named Cheryl. Eric doesn’t defend himself of this accusation. Eric wants to talk with Amber about his relationship. He says that he has an on/off relationship with this girl. Why doesn’t he talk with Jessica? He talks to Amber about this. Later, he talks about it with Jessica.

Danielle is having trouble being so close to her dad. Danielle finally tells Dick how she feels and he says that he will give her space. Instead of trying to just get along with Danielle in the house, he tries to overdo it all the time. He is just making things worse.

Eric and Jessica think that the arguments between Danielle and Dick are fake. Danielle is upset that Dick believes that he was such a great parent.

Jameka wants Dick up for nomination. She also wants Danielle nominated. It’s just bad strategy. Jessica says that she will not nominate Jameka. Jessica wants Danielle gone.

The HM have to get naked for the luxury competition. The girls cringe at getting naked. The teams are split up along genders. The girls kicked the boys’ asses.

I’m not as small as I look.
Amber about her size.

Amber wants to be on the cover of a magazine. Jameka and Nick boosted her ego. She cries in the diary room later. I don’t think that she has the figure for that and anyways, it’s BBUS not BBUK.

Zach doesn’t want to get nominated. He wants Dick and Danielle nominated.

Eric has to get Amber nominated. He counsels Jessica on her nominations. Jessica stays true to her alliance. She nominates Amber and Zach. Amber is about to cry again.

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