Californication S01E03 (Showtime)

Another great episode from this new show on Showtime.

Californication is just getting more entertaining every episode. There are a few bits in this show that are worthy of watching again and again. In the beginning, the director of the movie Hank hates turns up. Hank has been sleeping with his wife for a few months to get back at him for ruining his book. Hank tells him this. It’s pretty entertaining.

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I was surprised that Duchovny revisited the Meredith character, the lawyer with whom Charlie had fixed Moody up in the pilot. It’s good to see that they are adding layers to different characters, from Meredith to Dani, Charlie’s inept assistant. However, Dani isn’t as inept as she seems. She wants something from Charlie, who is none the wiser. Discover how Rachel Miner, the actress playing Dani, became her character by visiting her myspace profile.

I really enjoyed this episode. It was one of the more interesting of the three that have aired. Californication promises to have a great season.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Hank is having a book signing and the director of the movie based on his novel turns up. Hank is happy to insult him like a pro. He gets arrested. Bill bails him out.

He meets Meredith, the woman he was set up with as a blind date. He insulted her last time and apologizes to her while she is on a date with another guy. He strikes a chord and she comes to see him later on. He beds her. He has a nightmare about Mia and wakes up. He asks Miranda out for a date. She is surprised but happy. She is a divorce lawyer.

While he is taking a piss, Mia walks in and wants help with a creative writing assignment. Hank gets a visit from Karen, his ex. She wants him to keep his job. Mia steals some old manuscripts.

He has a meeting with his agent and best friend Charlie. Charlie is pissed at him and fires his assistant. He has dinner with Meredith. She tells him a sad story about a dog and Hank promises to fix the situation.

Charlie gets an email from Dani, the fired assistant and sees that she is a Suicide Girl. He wanks off to sexy pictures of her. Check out her myspace profile for exclusive footage on how Rachel Miner, the actress playing Dani, became a Suicide Girl.

He breaks into the house of the married guy who took the dog named Cat Stevens that Meredith loved. She has been sleeping with a married guy for five years. They had bought a dog together. Once, she brought the dog over to his place, while the wife was gone. They had their tryst but the wife came back early and she forgot the dog. The wife took the dog as a present.

Hank crawls into the bedroom while they are having intercourse and takes the dog. It’s a French bulldog, really cute. On the way down, he steals a painting too.

Charlie is glad that Dani isn’t gone. He hires her back. She wants to get disciplined by him. The next morning, Hank learns that he stole the wrong dog. Dani makes another mistake on purpose because she wants to get spanked. Charlie obliges.

He gives the stolen painting to Bill. Karen tells him that the painting is worth a small fortune. He gives the French bulldog to Becca.

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