Dexter Season 1 Review (Showtime)

Dexter is another great show on Showtime, the cable network.

I started watching the first season recently, after discovering that the first episode of the second season had been leaked. I researched it and thought that the synopsis that I had read were interesting enough to warrant a watch.

The show is like most shows on Showtime, it contains nudity, adult language and situations.

The premise of the show is quite morbid though; a serial killer working as a forensic tech and killing by night? It’s only when you watch the show that you realize part of the irony that the producers have tried to inject into every episode. At the end of it all, Dexter is just trying to be at peace. The only way he can think of doing this is by killing criminals. He obeys a code of conduct, instilled into him by his foster father Harry.

Some parts are comical but most deal with how a sociopath can adapt to life in society.

I really enjoyed the first season and it ends with a lot of surprises. These events trickle into the second season when Dexter is confronted with new unforeseen problems that he has never faced before. I recommend this show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Dexter Morgan is a special boy.

At age three, he was taken in by his foster parent Harry Morgan and raised with his natural daughter Debra.

Fast forward thirty years later, and Dexter is a forensic tech and blood splatter specialist in Florida, in the Miami Metro Police area. He works with blood. His sister is trying to get into homicide and keeps bugging him for his special insights that he has on killers.

His girlfriend is psychologically damaged; she was raped and beaten by her husband and now has intimacy issues, especially when it comes to sex.

What they don’t know is that Dexter is a serial killer. He kills perpetrators of violent crimes that in his eyes have escaped justice. Since he was a small boy, his father noticed that he was different. He instilled a code into his foster son, making sure that he was able to blend in to society, even though he was a sociopath. The only person aware that there is something wrong with Dexter is Detective Sergeant Doakes, who is always very suspicious of Dexter.

It has worked well and as his side job, he has gotten rid of some undesirables.

Things get complicated when Dexter gets involved in the investigation into the Ice Truck Murderer, a serial killer who drains the blood out of his victims and dismembers them.

The killer is playing with him, leaving him special clues and seeing his work. At the same time, Dexter is tantalized by his new playmate and his professionalism and genius in his eyes. Dexter actually finds out that the killer visited his home. Since then, the killer has been using pictures and events from Dexter’s past to stage his murders.

The investigation to find the killer is brought to a halt when Neil Perry confesses. Dexter knows that he is a fake, since Perry doesn’t recognize him and the Ice truck killer has been sending special messages to Dexter since the beginning.

The killer has taken it upon himself to make Dexter experience his past, even though Dexter doesn’t want to. Dexter learns that his biological father died. He was actually killed by the killer, but Dexter doesn’t learn this until the very end, when the killer gets sloppy and starts to clean up loose ends.

The killer has a plan and he is sticking to it. The killer is actually Rudy Cooper, an expert in prosthetics who is dating Dexter’s sister. Rudy plans a special celebration for Dexter by killing his foster sister Debra.

Dexter discovers this in the 11th episode of the season. He connects the dots. The question is, how will he be able to tell the cops about this without arousing suspicion? We also learn that Dexter was discovered in a pile of chains awed bodies when he was three, in two inches of blood. The killer recreated this scene in one of the last murder scenes, where he emptied 60 liters of blood onto the floor. The scene is gruesome enough to send Dexter into a haze of total recall about what happened to his mother.

Angel is attacked by someone after he starts making enquiries about a prostitute with the same nail job as one of the ice killer’s victims. He survives, but the killer has time to clean up lose ends. He has already disposed of the body of the prostitute by the time they realize that Perry isn’t the killer.

At the same time, Lt Maria LaGuerta gets herself into hot water by working around her captain. She should have followed the chain of command, but she didn’t realize that the old’ boys club of the captain would prevail. At the end of the 11th episode, she gets relieved of her duties and becomes a detective again in the squad.

Rita’s husband also makes a comeback late in the series and Dexter is forced to deal with him by using the law against him. He goes back to jail. Dexter, thanks to a murdering psychologist whom he killed, was able to overcome his intimacy issues and have sex with Rita, who herself has overcome hers.

The times that Dexter fails to follow Harry’s Code, he gets into real trouble. Once, when he killed Amber Castillo at the same time as her husband for killing Cuban refugees and another time when he tries to get Jeremy, a young killer who escaped him before.

Dexter feels a kinship with the ice killer, but the killer is just manipulating him. He only sees this at the end of the 11th episode, when he realized that the killer is actually his sister’s boyfriend.

Dexter’s mother was cut up with a chainsaw. Discovering this changed Harry. In the last episode, Dexter remembers that he has a brother named Brian, who is the killer. Their mom had her nails painted in the way the killer liked.

Angel discovers that the killer’s name is Brian Moser, thanks to a hit off a mental institution. In the endgame, Dexter is able to save his sister and rid the world of his brother, a true monster.

However, Detective Sergeant Doakes, who was already suspicious of Dexter before this, is now really suspicious and plans to keep a more serious eye on Dexter.

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