Big Brother UK 8 Day 92

The HM have to do a movie about their time in the house. They have 3 hours to shoot, direct and produce the movie. They start by shooting the arrival of the twins played by Liam and Ziggy.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Then, the HM film an argument between Chanelle played by Liam and Emily played by Amanda. Brian is playing Charley.

The HM forget to film anything about David. Later, the HM are sleeping. Carole is in the kitchen and Jonty is in the diary room. He is upset about the portrayal of the ½ HM in the BB 8 movie.

The twins are playing with Jonty in the garden while Liam looks on. Carole tells Brian that she wants him to win.

The HM are waiting for the movie premiere of BB8. Ziggy is worried about his reception by the crowd. Brian is brilliant as Charley.

The HM outside hear some people outside the BB house shouting some things. Ziggy thinks it was about him. Ziggy talks with Brian about what he heard in the garden. Liam and Brian talk about the reception that they will receive when they leave.

Carole is in the diary room. She never expected to form such strong bonds in the house.

Brian and Amanda are talking about relationships. He asks her if she wants to be single when she leaves the house. The other HM are in the living area. Liam dunks Sam’s head into the champagne ice bucket. She says that she has brain freeze.

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