Big Brother USA S08E24

Amber believes that she is safe and that God will keep her in this house. I found the whole situation last week about her being a model was totally hilarious. She isn’t model material. Amber is in the diary room praying like a nutter. I respect faith, but thinking that God has a direct plan for her is not good for her. She is an emotional wreck

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Jessica realizes that Zach is really upset. Amber is still crying. Jameka thinks that Jessica’s plan is to backdoor either Danielle or Dick.

Jessica and Eric continue flirting heavily. Jameka is crying and praying in the HoH room. Jessica comes into the room and sees Jameka. Jameka is kneeling and praying.

Zach is talking about backdooring either Dick or Danielle, if Jessica had the opportunity. Zach emphasizes that next week, if D+D don’t win HoH they will decide who leaves the house.

The HM see Amber and Danielle in the gameshow Power of 10. Amber smokes Danielle and wins. Naturally, she is crying.

Eric gets ready to make a move on Jessica. They kiss in the HoH room. They make a cute couple. There is something quite sultry and sensuous about Jessica. She has been dropping hints that she is into Eric for quite a while. Eric is just a shy Jewish bloke, and it took him a while to get the guts to kiss her.

Jameka, Jessica, Eric, Zach, Amber and Danielle will participate in the PoV competition. During the PoV competition, Zach tries to push off Eric from a stump. Eric wins PoV.

Danielle is worried about Eric winning the PoV. She thinks that one of them will get nominated. Dick and Danielle want Jessica gone. Eric needs to kiss Jessica as part of his task as America’s player. Amber is making her pitch to Eric and crying. Jessica is worried about Dick and Danielle.

Eric didn’t use the PoV. It’s between Amber and Zach.

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