Missing Photoposts

One of the missing photos from Phuket at Promthep Cape, one of the best views of Phuket.

I’ve just gone through part of my 9991 photos in my Zooomr account and realized that there are a lot of photos that I haven’t posted from this year, starting out with most of the photos taken in Thailand and Hong Kong in February and March 2007. I remember that Zooomr was down at that time and that photos weren’t uploading. I seem to remember that it took a few months for the situation to work itself out.

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New Beginnings

I love the blues, but the bottom needs to be lightened with Photoshop. Taken in Danshui.

I’ve started working at a new buxiban in the afternoons and early evenings. It’s pretty convenient, since it’s about 5 minutes away and the classes are no stress.

In fact, in the beginning I didn’t know how much I would enjoy it, so I didn’t really commit to anything and delayed the paperwork until I was sure that everything was all right.

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Catching Up On Prison Break And A Few Other Things

The Lover Bridge of Danshui (淡水鎮) in Taipei County.

I don’t know why, but for some reason I didn’t finish watching the second season of Prison Break. It was probably because I moved away right when the second season started. I didn’t watch any back episodes. I did however manage to store all of the episodes. Continue reading “Catching Up On Prison Break And A Few Other Things”

Moonlight S01E01 (CBS)

The Lover Bridge of Danshui (淡水鎮) in Taipei County.

It’s been a while since there has been a vampire show and CBS thought that Moonlight would fit the bill nicely. While watching the show, I enjoyed the tidbits that made reference to Veronica Mars.

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Myanmar’s Military Opens Fire On Peaceful Demonstrators

Things are going to hell quickly in Myanmar, formely known as Burma. Actually quite a lot of people refer to it as Burma.

The military has started shooting on peaceful demonstrators. At least 200 monks are reported arrested in clashes in Myanmar.

The UN’s special adviser on Myanmar Ibrahim Gambari arrived there on September 29th. He was quickly whisked away from populated places to far into the interior of Myanmar.

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Survivor China S15E02 (CBS)

Incredible sunlight through the clouds in Danshui (淡水鎮), Taipei County.
I’m glad to see that CBS chose some good survivors this time around. It’s so easy to make bad choices in these types of shows. They decided to put together a lot of conflicting personalities. It’s great fun to watch.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Kid Nation S01E02 (CBS)

The bridge in Danshui (淡水鎮), Taipei County.

It’s time to see how CBS will exploit kids again in their insane new reality TV show, Kid Nation. The more I watch it, the more I’m convinced that the studio execs thought of Survivor while creating this show. In fact, the kids even have tasks and challenges to win things. Sound familiar?

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