Big Brother UK 8 Day 94 Final

I love how you are the slutty version of me!
Davina to Dermot during BBLB

Ziggy received a total of 3 haircuts from Carole and Liam.

The HM hear the doorbell ring. They receive a message from BB for the farewell dinner. The HM make a few speeches.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Ziggy, Liam and Brian are at the smoking area. The HM are getting emotional. Liam is crying.

Jonty finishes in 6th place. Carole finishes in 5th place. Carole got a few boos during her interview.

Carole says that she cooked and cleaned out of boredom.

Ziggy finishes in 4th place. He gets a few boos upon leaving but the cheers far outweigh them.

Ziggy is told by Davina that he has been giving himself a hard time. He says that Chanelle is looking gorgeous. He says that he became paranoid at one point in the house. Davina asks Chanelle if she wants to get jiggy with Ziggy. Chanelle nods her head. Naturally, Davina teases him about the “It’s not you it’s me” line.

Liam finishes 3rd. Liam is surprised by hearing the crowd chant his name moments before he leaves the BBUK house. Liam says that he was really surprised to receive the 100 grand from Carole, Jonathan and Seany. He felt embarrassed. He never really talked about it with the HM. He says that he will spend it on his family and the people he cares about.

Next, Davina asks him about the “Wings of Steel” line he used on Amy. He says that he won’t pursue anything outside the house with Amy, because girlfriends are too complicated for him right now.

And the winner is… Brian! He starts to cry with the twins when Davina tells him that he won.

Who is this geezer?

The twins are surprised by the reaction from the crowd, which is very positive. Sam doesn’t know what to do in the first few seconds. Amanda is totally surprised that they didn’t receive a single nomination.

The twins say that spiders make them angry. Amanda reveals that she is reconsidering her opinion on Brian a little bit. Sam thinks that Amanda should marry Brian. They look into the house and see Brian running around the room alone.

Davina tells Brian that Amanda likes him in that special way. Amanda is cringing behind Sam.

Brian tells Davina about the evil he got from the women. When Davina asks him what he will do with the money he says that he will give it to his mum to look after, otherwise he’d spend it all.

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