Big Brother USA S08E25

Both nominees aren’t happy that Eric didn’t choose to use the PoV. Jessica is forlorn as well. Jessica is upset. Eric tells her that Amber doesn’t really like her anyways. Amber starts to cry when she visits Eric and Jessica in the HoH room.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Dick tells Zach that the only way for him to go would be if he has tried to backdoor him. Jameka and Amber are occupying the HoH room. They are putting doubts in Jessica’s mind about Eric. They are trying to split them up.

Eric walks in and it shuts them up. Amber is campaigning hard to stay. Amber is begins Danielle for her vote. Danielle doesn’t care. Jessica asks Eric about his so-called girlfriend. Eric comforts Jessica and explains Amber’s actions.

Dick talks with Jessica and Eric about Zach. Eric tells him about Zach’s plan to get rid of them. Dick is pissed off.

We see a VT on Jameka’s church. I think it’s sweet that Jameka is praying for Dick.

We also see a VT on Eric’s family and the “other woman”. Three weeks before entering the house, he did consider getting back together with Cheryl, but she didn’t want to. Cheryl is not his girlfriend; he has been on/off with her for the last four years.

Naturally, Amber cries during her speech to the other HM.

Eric has earned a total of 30000$ as America’s player.

Votes to evict:
Jameka: Zach
Eric: Amber
Dick: Amber
Danielle: Amber

By a vote of 3 to 1, Amber is out! Get her crying ass out!

Of course, she cries during her exit interview. Zach wins the HoH competition.

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