Big Brother USA S08E26

Zach won HoH. Eric fell down a few times during the HoH competition. Zach was just more motivated than the other HM to get the HoH. Jessica found Eric falling down hilarious. Jameka couldn’t participate again. Once again BB tries to bribe the HM with a phonecall from home.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Eric goes for it because he wasn’t going to win anyways. Then, BB gives the HM a choice of taking 1 day of cold water in exchange for using another cup. Zach decides to use 2 cups instead of 3. One hour before the show, Dick tells Zach that he is pissed off at him.

Eric only wanted Amber because she was badmouthing him to Jessica. The alliance composed of Jessica, Eric, Danielle and Dick. Eric gives the phone call to Jessica. Eric is freaking out because Zach is HoH.

Danielle thinks that Zach will nominate Jameka and Jessica. Nobody wanted to see Zach’s HoH room. Everyone slowly leaves the room. Danielle is trying to distance herself from Dick. I don’t think that Zach will not nominate her.

Eric and Jessica are talking on their pillows. She asks him if he cast those anomalous votes. Eric admits to it. He admits to pouring mustard on Jen’s shirt. Jessica gets a phone call from her younger brother, who is just back from Iraq.

Eric has to get Jameka nominated this week as America’s player. Eric is trying to convince Zach to nominate Jameka and it doesn’t work. Danielle wants to get Eric and Jessica nominated. This would mean that Dick and Danielle would be playing both sides against their alliance in order to further their place in the house.

Danielle pitches the idea to Zach. It looks like Zach wanted to nominate Jameka, but he strikes a preliminary deal with Dick and Danielle to do as they suggest.

He nominates Jameka and Jessica. Danielle was right.

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