Eureka S02E08 (Scifi)

Allison recruits a new scientist for GD. The trouble is that he is a petty criminal. They need him because GD is working on a new experiment on the origin of the universe.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Zane Donovan is his name and he manages to use Carter’s credit information to order a lot of furniture for himself while he stays in prison. Henry is acting strange watching the experiment.

And it’s not just Henry, Allison and Stark have also joins the stupid club. Carter recruits the scientists who aren’t stupid to help. They realize that Donovan tuned the radiation to mess with the people at GD. Donovan made his escape.

Carter finds Donovan and brings him back after calling his mom. With his help, they are able to stop the experiment. However, this doesn’t stop the scientists from being stupid. Henry confesses that he keeps things from Jack. He says something about Beverly and what she did to Kim.

Carter finds out that the stupid virus comes from the chicken from an organic farm. The farmer has been growing parts for people to eat. This affected everyone who has eaten the chicken.

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