Californication S01E04 (Showtime)

Like I previously said, this show is just getting better and better. By far, this was the most entertaining episode of the lot, and we are only four episodes into the new season of Californication. Hank Moody is lost. He is trying to find himself again, trying to find his muse again so that he can write once more.

Charlie’s strange relationship with Dani goes further. Someone gets wind of it in an unexpected fashion. Hank goes to a fundraiser and all of the players are reunited for a short while. Karen sees the difference between the way that Hank and Bill deal with similar problems. Hank is having a good time with Meredith, the lawyer with whom he has been involved for a while. She is a complicated character, since she has been in love with a married man for five years. She has been having an affair with him, but he has never returned her devotion. Surprisingly, the man’s wife is aware of the whole thing and doesn’t really care about it.

I am surprised by the fact that Hank is still with Meredith. It brings an interesting tangent to the story, to how it was originally established with the pilot.

I enjoyed this episode a lot and I recommend this series to everyone.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Hank is still with Meredith. Meredith wants to spend time outside of the bedroom. She wants him to go to a fundraiser at his agency. He doesn’t really want to.

He gives Becca a cell phone. His ex Karen is surprised to hear that he is going to a fundraiser with Meredith. His agent Charlie is there. Hank sees something between Dani and Charlie, but Charlie doesn’t tell. Karen is there as well. He learns from Carr, the asshole director, that his wife is there. Hank had sex with his wife and then dumped her in the first episode. He did this to get back at the director, who turned his latest novel into a cheesy romantic comedy.

He is able to duck behind Karen to avoid seeing her. Meredith’s married man is there, the man with whom she has been having an affair for five years. When Hank discovers that the guy is here, thanks to his wife who is aware of the affair, he takes Meredith apart and snogs her.

Mia is babysitting Becca. They talk about sex.

Karen gets bumped into by an asshole and he spills his drink on her. He then proceeds to call her a cunt. Bill restrains Karen from doing anything stupid and the guy is just having a laugh.

Charlie is taking pictures of Dani is her lingerie. Hank walks in and Charlie almost has a heart attack. Hank tells Charlie that he needs to be more careful and wonders why Charlie is doing this. He has been involved with his partner for a while.

Meredith is drunk and Hank has words with the married man. Carr’s wife comes by and throws a drink at Hank, but it lands in the married man’s face. Hank makes his escape.

As he is about to leave, he says goodnight to Karen. Karen has a few words with the asshole who spilt a drink on her earlier. Hank is there and she tells him that he called her a cunt. Hank goes up to him and punches his lights out. He says goodnight and leaves with Meredith. Karen is secretly happy about this.

Hank goes home and has a talk with Becca after putting Meredith to bed. Actually, I didn’t expect Hank to get in a stable relationship that fast.

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