Big Brother USA S08E27

Amber is in trouble for making anti-Semitic remarks about… Eric of course! CBS has decided to cut off all interviews with the evicted HM. It’s easy to control, since Dustin’s eviction, they are all sequestered in a house to decide who will win BB.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Zach calls himself the dream crusher. Jameka isn’t happy at being nominated again. Jessica isn’t happy either because she is nominated. Eric is upset.

Jessica and Jameka are talking about Zach stupid speech at the nomination ceremony. He’s made himself into a target next week.

Danielle is talking to Zach about Jessica. They are talking about Jessica’s evil smile. They are talking about Eric’s flying eyes. The say that the worse case scenario would be if Eric won the PoV.

Eric is taking it hard. He talks about it with Jameka, who is in tune with the Almighty. He doesn’t know what to do. He calls his time in the house a nightmare with Jessica being nominated.

Jessica makes a comment about being a waitress. Dick implies that being a waitress is being like a stripper. Danielle takes offense and leaves the table. It looks that she has been crying in the diary room. Dick tries to apologize and doesn’t realize what he has said. He is making it worse. Danielle is ignoring him. He is being an asshole.

He goes to smoke and continues making disparaging comments about his daughter. What a father!

Eric and Jessica are talking about the PoV. Jessica says that she doesn’t trust Dick and Danielle anymore. Eric says that he only trusts Jessica in the house. He says that they need to get their votes though. He tries to hug her, but she isn’t responding to his affection.

Janelle from BB7 walks in. Zach has to wake up the HM for the PoV competition. Eric makes some comments about Janelle face looking like a pig and she walks in.

Dick was happy to flirt with Janelle. Eric was very mixed up after getting up from the revolving chair. He fell down. Eric got 3 right. Danielle won PoV.

Jessica is pissed at Eric for the situations she is in. She wanted Zach gone, but Eric made forced her hand to evict Amber. It was actually out of her hands. Dick was happy to hear Janelle call him hot in the beginning of the PoV. He was head over heels for her.

Jessica would have liked Eric nominated instead of her.

As America’s player, Eric has to mimic Dick in conversation and actions on three different occasions. Dick delights in seeing Eric imitate him.

At the next occasion, Dick throws cereal spoonfuls at Eric and Eric doesn’t do anything in response. He completes his task though.

Dick and Danielle are discussing their options with the PoV. They get to decide who leaves and who will be part of the final four.

Danielle doesn’t use the PoV. Jameka is crying in the diary room. Jessica wore a revealing outfit during the PoV ceremony.

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