Big Brother USA S08E28

It’s time for the Fast Forward episode of BB, which includes a week’s worth of events in one show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Dick and Danielle need to get Jessica out of the house. They want to get Jameka’s vote. Dick tells Jameka that she is going to go home. He wants to play her and offer her a deal. She tells Jessica. Jessica tells Eric.

Eric has to campaign to get Jameka out, as one of his tasks as America’s player. It won’t matter really because he isn’t making the decision.

1st Votes to evict

Eric: Jameka
Dick: Jessica
Danielle: Jessica

Jessica is evicted and Eric is crying.

In the HoH competition, it’s between Eric, Dick and Danielle. Dick wins HoH and they are in control of the house again.

Dick nominates Jameka and Eric.

In the PoV competition, which involved a lot of rubber balls, the HM fight it out to get the green balls. Jameka is disqualified for putting a blue ball in her tube. Zach wins PoV. Jameka cries foul and says that she didn’t put the blue ball in her tube. Zach doesn’t use the PoV and the nominations stay the same.

2nd Votes to evict
Zach: Eric
Danielle: Eric

Very easily, Dick and Danielle got rid of Eric and Jessica in a single week. Jameka and Zach will be their only competition.

Eric is evicted.

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