Big Brother USA S08E29

Apartment building in Tienmu (天母).

Eric told Jessica that he loved her before she left the house.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Eric starts to attack Danielle about the way that Jessica left. It doesn’t really matter. This from the guy who lied to everyone in the house.

Jameka confesses in the diary room that she made a deal with the devil, E.D. It was part of the Denatto’s strategy. They own Jameka for the next two weeks. It was an excellent move by Dick. Because at that time, he already wanted Eric gone.

Zach was pretty happy that he didn’t get nominated by Dick. Dick nominated Jameka and Eric. The PoV competition got a bit rough and Zach won PoV.

After Eric was evicted, Dick and Danielle talk strategy without Zach. He thought he was part of their group. He waits outside while they celebrate. He comes in and tells them that they better not try and send him packing.

The memory wall’s pictures changed to be part of the HoH competition. The groups studies the photos before the HoH competition.

In the HoH competition, Danielle and Zach were tied. Zach wins the tiebreaker round. Zach is HoH.

Danielle is pissed at loosing. She knows that something will be up later.

Dick tries to pimp Jameka as a nominee to Zach. Zach is actually thinking about nominating them both and getting rid of at least one of them.

Zach tells Jameka his plan. He tells her that he is nominating Dick and Danielle. Later, Danielle makes her way to the HoH room. Danielle knows that they will be targeted. Zach tells her that he has got no chance against both of them in the final three. He knows that they will not choose him to go to the final two.

Danielle is trying to convince Zach that she was sticking up for him. He doesn’t believe anything. Danielle tells Zach that no one can beat her dad. That he has played the best game since the beginning. She walks down and tells her dad that they will both be nominated. Dick wants to talk to Zach. Dick gets pissed off and doesn’t say much.

Zach nominated Dick and Danielle. His speech is not making any sense, he’s let power go to his little head.

We win the PoV, we win the game!
Dick in the diary room.

* * * * *

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