Californication S01E05 (Showtime)

Beautiful clouds in Taipei yesterday, 9/11/07. I just came out after seeing my dog at the NTU Veterinary Hospital.

The shit has hit the fan with Meredith and Hank. It wasn’t meant to last anyway, but it was fun while it did. But there is more to their break-up that what either of them will admit to.

Once again, Hank digs a hole for himself with his mouth. It lands him into hot water. Then again, it’s always causing him problems. He ends up doing a favor for Bill and visiting an all-girls school.

Charlie has problems in bed with his wife. He is no longer attracted to her but doesn’t know how to tell her. In fact, he doesn’t want to. He’s got his strange relationship with Dani at work which he seems to enjoy in a perverse way.

Another great episode which shows a progression in Hank’s character. In the end, things don’t work out with Meredith and Hank questions himself about how he is with his partners. He is concerned enough to ask his ex-partner Karen about this. She tells him the truth and it humbles him. That he can be mean in relationships, even though when he doesn’t want to.

Fans of Californication should be happy since the show was renewed for a second season last week. Californication has gotten some excellent ratings since it’s beginning.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Moody has a strange dream about Jesus. He wakes up and Meredith is in his bed. Charlie refuses to have sex with his wife; she knows something is up. His wife tries to spice things up, but he just goes to work.

Moody is trying to write his blog entry. Bill comes by and asks about Mia. Hank thinks that Bill found out that he slept with Mia. But he’s not. He wants Hank to be the guest speaker in place of Bill. He asks Bill for his cool jacket in exchange.

He gives a kid a smoke.

It’s an all girl’s school and the English teacher admits to screwing some of the 16 year old girls.

Becca is getting ready for her guitar lesson. She’s all dressed up because she thinks that her teacher is hot.

Hank is getting interviewed by Henry Rollins at a radio show. He takes the opportunity to drink. He has a rant on how people communicate and talk in this day and age. He calls them stupid.

The guitar teacher is hitting on Karen. In the garden, the teacher is hitting on Mia who is in a bikini.

Hank is having dinner with Charlie. Meredith joins in and she is upset about his comments about the way she talks. He made a whole point during his interview with Rollins about the way people talk and write nowadays. LOL and BRB, he compares it to the way cavemen talked. She leaves and is pissed off at Hank.

Hank drops by and wants to hang with Becca, but she is sleeping already. Hank asks Karen about the way he was in the past. He wants to know if he was mean to her.

Karen sees Mia go out with the guitar teacher. So does Becca.

Hank finds out that the married man with whom Meredith was having an affair for five years has left his wife. She is about to leave for good and they end up making love in the kitchen.

* * * * *

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