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HBO’s new sexually explicit series is about the life of four couples. The couples are all in different stages of their relationships. Three of them are married and one is about to get married. We see what kind of problems couples face in the beginning of their relationships. With the Fosters, we also see how love is when people are a lot older. There is strangeness, because the wife is still working and the husband is retired. The series is actually about three couples and some of them seek the help of Dr. Foster. We do see th issues in Dr. Foster’s marriage as well.

From the wiki page:

Tell Me You Love Me revolves around three couples, Jamie and Hugo (Borth and Kirby), Katie and David (Walker and DeKay) and Carolyn and Palek (Walger and Scott), each with their own issues concerning intimacy in their relationships. They seek the help of therapist Dr. May Foster (Alexander), who strives to guide the three couples through their own relationship issues as well those between herself and her partner Arthur (Selby).

A successful couple is trying to have their first child. It’s not working and they have been trying for a while. It’s creating problems in their relationship. They are seeing Dr. Fisher. She is a marriage counselor. This week, they have to forget that they are under pressure to procreate and just make love and be together. The couple naturally hides the truth from the counselor, but they do take her advice.

Dave and his wife have been married for a while. They have children and they are in mid-life. Dave’s wife is worried about their marriage since they have stopped having sex. She goes to see Dr. Fisher to provoke some kind of reaction out of Dave and a sincere desire to make their marriage work again.

Jamie and her fiancée are having difficulties. He is having trouble committing truly to her and they spend this episode having an argument.

I found this show quite interesting. It is smart and something about love and relationships is always fun to watch. It’s presented in an almost unscripted fashion and the viewers are left to try and discover things about the characters by what is shown on the screen. Naturally, there are some sexually explicit scenes, from partial frontal male and female nudity, to scenes of sex. There is nothing really pornographic going on, but it could offend some viewers not used to seeing this level of sexuality on screen. Then again, it’s completely appropriate, since this show is about love.

This series comes at an opportune moment for HBO, with John From Cincinnati getting dropped unceremoniously due to low ratings and the network not being able to furnish the Deadwood movies to tie up loose plot lines as they had initially promised. The Sopranos is over and the network has just received new management as well.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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A man and a wife wake up together. She gets into the shower and he starts to masturbate. She is about to come back into the bedroom and watches him.

A younger couple is getting engaged and married. They discuss the engagement party details again in a café.

Another couple in a sleek modern house is talking about the husband’s father. He keeps calling him. He doesn’t want to be in contact with him. They are trying to have a baby and haven’t been successful. The woman takes another pregnancy test. She doesn’t wash her hands after going to the bathroom. Filthy!

An older woman is looking over nude photographs. The husband is retired and he wants some action, but she has to go to work.

The first middle aged couple is having breakfast. Their daughter is having a fit about movies. They split up the family to go see different movies that day.

The wife goes to dinner with her friend. They talk about sex and hate. The husband’s name is Dave.

The younger couple is at a party. The girl’s name is Jamie. She overhears a comment about how his life won’t be over and that he will deal with it. This happened when he was talking to his mates about married life. She is upset. He shares some disturbing thoughts about attraction with her. She is even more upset. They go home and have sex.

The middle-aged couple finds out that their daughter is having her period. She is 10 years old.

The successful couple goes see a psychotherapist. The older woman is the therapist. She talks about the pressure about having sex to procreate. The scene shifts to their bedroom. The woman is forcing herself on the man, and the man is resisting her attempts because she views him like a sperm machine. They have a mini row outside in the parking lot after the session.

The young couple talks about what the man said the night before. They have a fight and Jamie storms out that she isn’t going to marry someone who won’t be monogamous.

The middle-aged couple with kids talks on the phone. Dave wants to spend time with his wife, couple time.

Jamie is a chef and her boyfriend is a teacher.

Dave comes home exhausted. He just wants to eat and sleep. No couple time and this disappoints his wife.

The successful couple has a pair of parents over. The wife goes off to the bedroom. The husband joins her and they start fooling around. They make love. They have fun.

The middle-aged couple is putting their kids to bed. They go to bed.

Jamie goes to her boyfriend’s place and finds her boyfriend on the floor. She takes her stuff and leaves. She tells him that he can have the car. He can’t commit to her and she doesn’t like it.

The middle-aged couple is doing some renovations in their backyard. It has almost been a year since they have had sex. She wants to go into therapy. She tells Dave that she saw him wanking off. Dave dismisses the whole idea quickly.

Jamie’s boyfriend was able to get her into the car. He tells her what she needs to hear and they make up. They have sex in the car.

The successful woman is seeing her gynecologist. She hasn’t got any problems. She asks about her options about artificial insemination. Her husband phones her and tells her that her father hasn’t paid him yet. She lies about where she was. She thinks that her husband’s sperm is the culprit for not being able to get her pregnant.

The middle-aged woman goes to see Dr. May Foster, the older woman.

The successful woman masturbates her husband to see his sperm. She believes that there is something wrong with it, that is why she cannot conceive.

Dave is upset at his wife, the therapist predicted this. Dave tries to have sex in order to make the situation go away. His wife refuses.

Mayis in bed with her retired husband. She has sex with him. She must have been stunning younger. She still is beautiful She gives him oral sex.

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