Big Brother 8 USA Finale

CKS Memorial Hall in the distance and darkness of a sunset.

BBUS is over and the winner was voted by the jury.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Dick won hands down with the following votes:

Jessica, Dustin, Amber, Zach and Eric all voted for him to win BB8.

Jen and Jameka voted for Danielle. I’m not surprised that he won because he was the more vocal of the two Donatos. I find that the BBUS finale is so low-key compared to the BBUK extravaganza I’m used to. BBAU is also pretty sweet. BBUS sucks. It’s a bit lame and they fill up the stands with old BB contestants.

For some reason, Julie Chen and most of the jury women were covered in glitter. It was pretty bad. My wife told me that Chen was married to the CEO of CBS, maybe that explains why Plastic Chen got the gig. Although I like to laugh at her, there were some interesting angles of her face during the show. When she looks down, she is quite pretty. Her fashion sense is terrible and she just wears this gaudy jewelry.

Still, Danielle won 5 PoV’s and was a very strong competitor. In the end, Dick’s tactics worked well and he was always looking out of his daughter. The better player won the game, though I prefer Dr. Will and Boogie by far.

I haven’t watched the episode from Sunday, it’s just a retrospective, and I hate those.

* * * * *

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