Californication S01E06 (Showtime)

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Things aren’t going too well for Hank Moody. His lover left him for and old flame, that she has been after for a while. He gets robbed and is drinking more. Meanwhile, he is trying to make the relationship between him and Mia work, in a strange way. He tries to become an interested father figure instead of a love interest or crush interest. He slept with Mia unknowingly before of their relationship. Mia is Bill’s 16 year old daughter. Karen, Hank’s ex-partner, is engaged to Bill.

Mia tries to get his attention and it works. She is surprised of the genuine concern that she is receiving from him, even after she tested him. At the same time, he tries to see if there is a way to salvage his relationship with Karen while Bill is away on business. He also attends a concert that Becca is putting on as part of her high school’s battle of the bands.

This episode is a lull for Moody, since he is trying to restart his relationship in a different way and waiting to see what happens with him after Meredith left him. He still acts a bit crazy, but is actually more controlled and virtuous. The episode is good, with some details on how Charlie is adapting to his new interests. I enjoy to see how he takes care of a pedophile.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Hank is busy drinking himself into stupor. He gets hit on by a young chick in a bikini at the convenience store. They smoke reefers later on. He has sex with her and wakes up the next day a bit out of it. Mia turns up at his door step. The girl stole his records and his guitar.

Mia wants some of his early writing to pass off as her own again, but he doesn’t want to do that. He says that he will help her out and give her some notes. He sends her away.

Charlie continues having fun in the office with Dani. His wife turns up, but since she was only crawling around the floor, she doesn’t notice anything. His wife wants to get laid and Charlie doesn’t want to oblige. She manages to entice him but doesn’t really get off.

Hank goes to see his daughter perform in her band. He has a nice time. He gets a call from Mia in dire straits. Her coked out teacher is trying to get her into a threesome. He gets called to the rescue.

He is annoyed at Mia for pretending to be in danger. He drives her home. They end up talking about Karen and Bill.

Charlie tries to talk to his wife about doing some BDSM, she tentatively agrees, but doesn’t enjoy the slap. It doesn’t work out.

Hank and Karen talk about their past life together. They share a kiss. Karen inadvertently pushes him into the pool. He stays in their guestroom. Mia comes by and wants some advice on her writing. It seems strange to Karen and Hank, because it looks like they have a family together again. He leaves when Bill calls.

The thief turns up at his doorstep to return the guitar and the records and they get busy again.

* * * * *

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