City Homicide S01E01-02 (Channel 7 AUS)

Different view of the NTU Hospital.

City Homicide is a new police detective series on the Australian Channel 7. It just premiered. I enjoy watching British detective series. Watching Australian ones isn’t that far off.

City Homicide has excellent production values. The cinematography is top notch. I’m actually surprised that so much money has gone into the cinematography, it’s actually better than most American cop series. I enjoyed this gritty drama. As a police drama, I would consider City Homicide to be a mix of American and British influences, including a healthy mix of Australian. But to those who haven’t seen much of Australian TV, that is the best way I can find to describe it.

The show never gets boring and I never get tired of seeing the beautiful vistas and shots of Melbourne.

Unlike most of the American shows, there is a good deal of emphasis on character development, which is enjoyable to see. It’s naturally mixed into the show, with some politics by the Superintendent as well. I enjoyed this police drama and recommend to anyone who enjoys detective series.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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In it’s initial feature length premiere, the detective squad composed of Simon Joyner, Duncan Freeman, Jennifer Mapplethorpe and Matt Ryan. Freeman just comes back cleared from an officer involved shooting. This bumps Mapplethorpe back into anther squad and she isn’t too happy to be in Sparkes’; he is misogynist.

The investigation starts off with a suicide. After a few leads, they discover that the phantom boyfriend who was seen leaving the apartment of the victim right before she killed herself is no one else but Detective Sergeant Klein of the Media division. They arrest him as he thrashed a psychologist.

After a game of cat and mouse, Klein reveals to Mapplethorpe that he is investigation a string of fires and suicides. He is investigating a serial killer. Seven fires have been lit and children have perished in all of them. The killer takes his pleasure from torturing the parents, especially the mothers, who are adulterers in all of the cases. The investigation leads them to reexamine McCready, the psychologist who was beaten by Klein. Klein tells them that his girlfriend, whose family was killed in a fire, has been investigating and pushing him to investigate the death of her family last year. She had found his identity and disappeared 10 months ago. Klein had no proof and no leads really. He presumes that she was killed by the serial killer. The investigation leads the team to suspect McCready, since he was treating the girlfriend.

Awkwardly, the initial investigation was squashed by Assistant Commissioner Mulholland nine years ago. Simon finds an old copper who remembers McCready when he was investigating the suicide of his wife.

This enough for a warrant and they find the good doctor already gone.

They go through his files and find nothing except the most recent files. Detective Senior Sergeant Constable Stanly Wolfe suggest comparing the list of recent patients with the files, suggesting that if any are missing those would be the ones that McCready targeted.

They find the most recent family and go to the home. Presumably, McCready has been treating the mothers. The mothers confess during their therapy that they are having an affair. This is enough for McCready to want to punish them, so he kills their children in a fire. He then tortures the parents psychologically.

The squad makes it there on time to arrest McCready as he is leaving the house. The doctor used his dog as a prop to get into the house without needing to brake in. All of the fires were put down as accidents since electrical appliances shorted out and started the fire. The doctor actually jury rigs them to do this.

They stop him but in an altercation, McCready burns to death. The children are saved. Mapplethorpe feels like the odd man out since Duncan came back. She took his place in the squad during his absence and he was quick to take it back.

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