City Homicide S01E03 (Channel 7 AUS)

A few apartment buildings in Tienmu against a beautiful blue sky.

City Homicide continues to surprise me. I don’t really know what I was expecting when I started watching it, but it’s really good. Maybe not as refined as The Closer, yet it’s still very entertaining.

This show turns a homicide investigation into political moves between the robbery squad and the homicide squad. Things aren’t working out that well and the Superintendent has to move to make her guys be respected by the robbery squad.

The crew has to investigate some robberies after their murder was forcibly solved by the robbery squad. I enjoyed it because it’s simply not something I have seen before in series. As usual, the cinematography is excellent and the production values continue to be very high.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Mick Booth is found dead in a mausoleum of an Italian family. He was a criminal. The squad tries to inform the family, under the eyes of a robbery crew who were staking out the Booth home waiting for Mick. A brawl ensues and the Booth clan is arrested.

The investigation turns into a pissing contest between the homicide and robbery division.

Booth’s lawyer turns up. She has been representing him for 20 years. She used to be involved with Booth. Mapplethorpe suspects that her 18 year old son was Booth’s as well. They talk to him in order to get something out of Mrs. Sample.

She tells them about Brett, her son, and her affair with Mick. It was more than an affair. He didn’t want to meet Brett because he was afraid of tainting him in some fashion. She believes that Kathy Booth killed him because he was about to leave her to be with Sample.

Kathy confesses to killing Mick after he told her about Sample. However, she was arrested by the robbery squad. They found the murder weapon at her house. Bernice decides to investigate the robberies instead of just sitting idly by and watching another squad takes credit for solving one of her cases.

Duncan makes a mess of things at the party with this fiancée. He sees her using and he doesn’t like her industry friends.

Duncan comes back and finds a clue in a photo. It matches one of the Booth boys. They pick him up and he rolls on Brett. Kathy confesses that they turned Brett easily when he came by to see them. They go to arrest him and he takes a few pot shots at Mapplethorpe and Simon before being shot and killed.

It was Mapplethorpe’s bullet who killed him.

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