City Homicide S01E04 (Channel 7 AUS)

More buildings in Tienmu.

The squad is investigation a criminal who was just successfully extradited to Australia from Europe.

It’s a strange case, since he seemed to have surrendered after living the high life in Europe for a while. The criminal gets the crew into hot water by committing suicide and tasking Ryan with his last request.

Ryan gets into trouble while he continues to pursue an investigation he has been told to stop. He tries to do it on his own time and is upset that an old copper was given the case. The copper, Davies, was actually the original investigator.

Ryan discovers a conspiracy to hide the real killer and relentlessly pushes onward. Another good episode from this Australian show. I enjoyed how political this episode got when Ryan continues his investigation.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Simon and Ryan are bringing back a criminal to face trial in Australia. Mapplethorpe and Freeman are waiting for them. Mr. Connway is brought in. Another copper is waiting for them at the station. He gives Duncan a letter to give his mum. Connway uses this distraction to throw himself in front of a truck. He is dead.

Mapplethorpe is told by Bernice that Mrs. Sample is requesting a meeting with her. She isn’t happy about it. Mrs. Sample’s son was killed in an officer involved shooting last episode. He was shot and killed while trying to fire a shotgun at her. Ryan takes Mapplethorpe to see Conway’s mom. They see her and she gives them a package. It’s a document pertaining that he didn’t kill the model.

The document tells the story that Alex Zammit, a cabinet minister, was responsible for the murder. He was bought off by Zammit for 2 million dollars. The document was actually witnessed by lawyers in Spain. Bernice brings it to Mulholland, the assistant commissioner.

They bring in Mike Davies, the original detective on the case six years ago. The case is given to Davies. Matt exchanges some words with Wolfe about the assignment. In a bar, Davies and Matt exchange some more words. Matt isn’t happy about the situation. Matt made a copy of the document.

They go see the caretaker who was working at the apartment when Susanne Fendelton killed herself. He doesn’t get anywhere. Simon tells Matt that he needs to calm down and mess things up on his on time, not on the clock. He does so and visits Fendelton’s apartment. He meets her father who owns the whole block.

Fendelton is pissed off at Ryan, and he phones his pal Mulholland. Ryan is in trouble. The sarge tells Ryan to tag along with Mapplethorpe delivering subpoenas. Matt gets a call from a friend and has to make a detour to take care of his dad. Matt tells Mapplethorpe about his mom, who disappeared and is presumed dead.

Davies tells Ryan that he managed to talk to the copper who arrested Conway in London. Conway was expecting them. Ryan and Davies deduce that Fendelton coerced Conway into coming back. Fendelton threatened Conway’s mom. That is why Conway was back.

They go back to see the caretaker Harry. Fendelton told them that Conway told him that Harry knows what happened and has been paid off. He comes to testify.

They’ve got enough to serve a warrant to Zammit. Freeman is taking a pee and Mapplethorpe wants to know a few things about his officer involved shooting. He suggests that Mapplethorpe talks to the woman. It might make the dreams stop. She does and the meeting turns out differently than she expected.

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