City Homicide S01E05 (Channel 7 AUS)

I love the blues in these shots. Again taken in Tienmu on a beautiful late summer day.

The team has to investigate a case that hits close to home for Wolfe. It involves his goddaughter and he is slowly loosing his objectivity. This is brought up by the Superintendent, but Wolfe is able to convince them to let him continue his investigation with this squad.

After a few slight bends of the law, they are able to successfully find a perp, but they do not have enough evidence.

Duncan has some trouble with his wife, he suspects she is having an affair and he really isn’t happy about it. His wife doesn’t help him clear up this impression either.

Great episode from this Aussie drama, I recommend it.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Wolfe gets called in from church to a grisly crime scene. The cops find a badly mutilated and dismembered body in a trash pile. The missing girl is the daughter of some family friends. He is also the girl’s godfather. He takes Matt with him to the family to tell them of the news.

Simon notices that Duncan is looking ragged. He tells Mapplethorpe. Duncan’s wife has been going out without him and he is sad because of it. He drinks himself to sleep.

Matt is told to go into the house 10 minutes after the sergeant. He has to behave as the cop in this affair. The sarge took him because Matt’s mother disappeared and was never found. He asks the family details about their daughter.

Duncan checks up on his wife’s PDA to test her. She makes up an excuse not to have lunch with him, while she is clearly meeting somebody named Z.

The team finds the girl’s head in the trash dump. The pathologist can’t put down a definite time of death. She died within 3 days. This gives them three zones where he could have dumped the girl. Mapplethorpe finds out that 7 different girls have disappeared in the same circumstances as Deborah.

Duncan stakes out his wife’s dinner and finds out that she is having dinner with her boyfriend, or so he thinks. He headbutts the guy, but gets pulled off by Matt.

Jackie, girl that Simon questioned about her whereabouts turns up at the station. She disappeared in the same manner as Deborah, but is lying about it. She tells them that she was abducted and tied up, but escaped. She asks if the other girl was good at computers, because the guy who got her was watching her in her bedroom.

Wolfie and Mapplethorpe examine Deborah’s room and find 4 webcams. The tech says that Deborah had set-up a cam-girl site.

Claire comes by. She wants to talk with Duncan, but he tells her that he will be moving out since she obviously needs her own space. Claire tries to explain and saying that he doesn’t understand what the lunch was.

Jackie goes into the details about her kidnapping and rape. She couldn’t believe that she was released by the rapist. Jackie gives the crucial details about the perp’s van. They find it on CCTV. Wolfie gets a warrant and impulsively decides to arrest and question him without enough evidence.

Duncan packs up his stuff. The crew is watching the perp. Another girls has gone missing and the crew moves in. Mapplethorpe finds the access to the hidden cave through the bathtub. Wolfie is able to disarm him before he kills the girl.

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