Tell Me You Love Me S01E02 (HBO)

Another cool apartment building in Tienmu.

Tell Me You Love Me continues exploring the lives of 4 couples.

Dave and Katie still have problems, and Dave doesn’t know how to handle the fact that his wife is going into couples counseling by herself. He wants to know what happens, but Katie doesn’t share. Dr. Foster said that in the end he will come to counseling, it has happened a lot of times to her that the wife starts it and the other partner joins later on.

Jamie and Hugo’s issues hit rock bottom as Jamie doesn’t know what to do anymore. She lost something when she started doubting Hugo about his fidelity and Hugo can’t make it better since he doesn’t try. It looks like he will want to explore life with other women later in his life, but wants to be with Jamie for now, and that doesn’t satisfy her at all.

Carolyn and Palek continue to try and have a child. They are still unsuccessful and Palek discovers that Carolyn tested herself last week, after Dr. Foster’s prodding.

The show is dwelling deeper into the issues that are causing problems for each couple. It’s as life is enfolding and continuing and they try to deal with them as best as they can. I enjoyed this episode, I just wonder what will happen next. The way the show is shot reminds me of reality TV or Dogma, in a free hand camera, gritty and rapidly cut, without much editing. It keeps the show closer to reality. There was less explicit sex this episode and what I like, is that it’s not the focus of the show; the focus of the show is the relationships between the couples.

Warning: Spoilers ahead and mature written content.

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Jamie and her boyfriend Hugo are finally moving in together. Jamie accuses him of flirting with a waitress. They make up and start fooling around. Jamie can’t let it go and still talks about it after they made love.

Dave and his wife are shopping for school supplies. Dave can’t shop by herself and needs the help of Katie.

Carolyn is trying to get the attention of Palek, who is busy watching a football game on TV. He reluctantly makes his way upstairs after a few minutes.

Hugo and Jamie continue to argue about the same issue. Palek and Carolyn try to make love. It looks pretty mechanical and Palek isn’t really into it.

Dave is trying to make Katie feel bad by spending money on couples counseling. He says that they have been spending a lot of money. She asks him if he is going to come, he says that he will stay out of it.

May and Arthur talk about a friend named John.

Jamie and Hugo are driving in their car. They make up on the way to a baseball stadium.

Katie and her sister are having brunch with Palek at a restaurant. It looks like the sister’s father is loaded. Their mom is dead. They talk about their dad and how he is a dick.

Dave continues to question Katie about the reason why she is in therapy. He says that she is happy with the kids and unhappy with him.

Hugo picks up some crisps at a convenience store. Jamie watches him. She tells him that when he told her that he would be only for her for the rest of the life he was lying. He says that he can’t get into that right now. She keeps wondering about other women. They lost something, they lost their trust.

Carolyn and Palek go see Dr. May Foster. She asks about their love life. It was that time of the month again and they made love. Palek says that it felt strange. He feels disconnected from his wife. Dr. Foster asks them to get tested as the next part of the process. Palek wants to tell people about their problem. Carolyn doesn’t want to disclose anything. Foster wants them to do that. Carolyn leaves the room, she can’t handle hearing Palek talk about their problems. Palek runs after her. He wants to make it better between them. She tells him that she got tested last week. She is fine.

May calls John. She had some form of relationship with him before. It’s not easy to see if he is her son or a friend.

Dave calls Katie right before she goes into therapy with Dr. Foster. She asks Katie about the last time they had sex. It was on their anniversary, almost a year ago. I wonder what happened during that year. She says that the sex just stopped. She says that they didn’t even notice.

Carolyn comes home. She orders some food from a gourmet restaurant. Palek comes in and she apologizes for walking away. It gets awkward in the bedroom when they talk about her test results. She wants to make up with him. They do and make love.

Katie tries to probe Dave about his questions and lack of about her therapy. She tells him that he is buying the new car for her because of therapy. Katie tells him that they are a mess. Dave wants to leave, but Katie doesn’t let him. They are actually waiting to sign for the car.

Katie and Dave get ready for bed. It looks like they both want to have sex but don’t know how.

Jamie is freaking out about the situation and told her family that she isn’t getting married.

Katie works at home and sets the stage to masturbate. It looks like it’s been a while. She doesn’t feel comfortable on the bed. She goes to the bathroom and switches off the lights. She starts to fondle herself, but gives up. It looks like she feels silly.

Carolyn and Palek discuss what will happen if Palek is the problem, since Carolyn had herself tested last week for fertility issues. Palek wants to know what Carolyn has considered doing if he is the problem.

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