Californication S01E07 (Showtime)

Some very small fish in a tank near Atoll Reef in Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

Hank is still dealing with the séquelles of having French kissed his ex-partner last time.

Charlie is dealing with his continuing marital problems. Things go out of control with Marcy when she tries to make Charlie realize her fantasies, while poking fun at his.

Becca isn’t happy about the way things are going with Hank. The mood of this episode is darker and dwells on the disappointments that Hank has continually perpetrated on his daughter. She is growing up into a depressed, moody and angst ridden teenager.

Meanwhile Mia is still in a self-destructive spiral and calls on Hank again for rescue. Another great episode. Will Hank ever be able to be a good dad for his daughter? He needs to work on that while he reconstructs himself and tries to find his muse again.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Things are awkward between Karen and Hank, since she regrets kissing him. Karen keeps it short and sweet between them. Becca is a bit bleak and Hank tries to cheer her up, talk about the blind leading the blind.

Charlie and Marcy are discussing their fantasies. Marcy tells him that she wants to do it with a girl while making fun of his BDSM fantasies. Charlie talks about it with Hank and really wants to do it.

The director Todd Carr wants to option Moody’s blog. They have a meeting with Charlie. Carr thinks that Moody has talent. Charlie comes back to the office and finds that Marcy has been discussing things with Dani, Charlie’s assistant with whom he has been realizing his BDSM fantasies. Charlie initially doesn’t want it but reluctantly agrees.

Hank shows Karen Carr’s house. Carr wants to hire her as an architect to work on his new house. Hank wants to celebrate with Karen, but she doesn’t really want to. She agrees after Hank tells her that he will cook.

Charlie and Marcy are arguing over their threesome right before Dani arrives. They proceed with the action.

Mia calls and Hank ignores her. She calls Karen, something is happening with her teacher again. Hank convinces Karen that he needs to go with her. Becca is upset at being left alone.

Marcy gets uncomfortable when Dani brings out the nipple clamps. Marcy goes to get her camera and pulls the clamps. She hurts Charlie.

Charlie is in the hospital to look at the pulled nipple.

Hank screwed up with Becca and she is disenchanted by being constantly disappointed by him. She lets him know.

* * * * *

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