Gossip Girl S01E01 (CW)

This show centers around the lives of young upper class NYC socialites. It is a teen drama and centers around the blog of an anonymous social blogger Gossip Girl. Most of the series is narrated by this absent girl, voiced-over nicely done by Kristen Bell.

The musical selection is pretty good. I spotted some great songs during the pilot, including a remarkable song by Timbaland. You can go on tunefind to find all of the tracks.
The storyline is pretty classic and similar to the O.C. Unsurprisingly, Josh Schwartz of the O.C. created and produced this. Just like in that show, for some reason people with less money (Dan and Jenny) get involved with people with more money.

Honestly, I had trouble sitting through the pilot episode, it was a bit boring. Some of the press have labeled this show a guilty pleasure, well let’s just say that fans of teen dramas will enjoy it. I personally find it boring and too similar to shows that I have stopped watching in the past. My opinion on Gossip Girl? Pass! I don’t recommend it.

Why? There is nothing that redeems this show of its cheesy storyline and bland acting, except some good tracks. And honestly, I can get those on my iPod.

* * * * *

A socialite girl named Serena returns to NYC after an absence. It was thought that she was off to boarding school Blair, her social rival and former BFF, is with their common love interest Nate. Some sort of a scandal happened that forced Serena to leave. Her brother Eric is in the hospital after a suicide attempt. Her mom hid this fact from the world.

Dan and Jenny are brother and sister that are outside looking into a life that they want to have. Dan is secretly in love with Serena and Serena just made sure that Nate knows that she didn’t come back for him.

Serena and Blair’s relationship flares out of control as they compete for their role in the pack. Dan and Jenny’s dad is a forgotten rocker still trying to pierce.

Serena wants to make up with Blair, but Blair feels distant and estranged from her. She meets with her at her mom’s hotel.

Blair tries to woo Nate with sex to make sure he stays with her. He confesses to what he did with Serena the year before.

Something happened to Serena last year, at the Sheppard wedding. Nate and Serena had sex. Nate’s best friend tries to force himself on Serena in the hotel’s kitchens, but she makes it off.

Nate’s dad forces him to stay with Blair because of his business dealing with Eleanor Waldorf.

Dan scores a date to Lincoln Hawk, his dad’s band, with Serena by being at the right place at the right time. It’s a convenient excuse not to go to Blair’s party Kiss on the Lips.

Dan’s dad Rufus gets a visit from Lily, Serena’s mom. They were involved in the past. Lily was pretty wild back then. She warns him off.

Jenny gets targeted by Nate’s best friend Chuck as fresh meat during the party while Serena meets Dan’s dad at the show.

Dan gets a SMS from his sister who is in trouble with Chuck. He tries to find her with Serena in tow. Chuck is trying to push himself onto Jenny. Dan and Serena arrive just in time and Dan pops him one in the face.

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