Greek S01E01 (ABC Family)

Rusty is a freshman at Cyprus-Rhodes University as an honors student in Engineering. He finds his colleagues a bit boring so he asks advice from his big sister Casey, who is in the ZBZ sorority. She doesn’t want to deal with him, but he decides to rush the fraternities. After seeing how hard it is to join, he looses confidence, but a new friend helps him out.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

He meets Evan, Casey’s boyfriend in the Omega K fraternity. He also meets an old ex-boyfriend of Casey’s at the Cappas. Later, he goes back to the Omegas and sees Evan making out with the senator’s daughter, Rebecca, that Casey has to land in her sorority in order to become its president.

Evan meets him in the morning and offers him a bid to enter the Omegas in exchange for keeping silent about his transgression with another girl.

Casey corners Rebecca after blowing her first intro with her. She makes her the offer that she can’t refuse. Rusty is talking with his friend about the situation. Dale, Rusty’s roommate, tells Rusty that he only has one sister but he just met all of these other guys. This is a chance for him to get closer to his sister, going to the same university. He goes to tell his sister. Casey is about to break-up with Evan, but she is convinced by her sorority president to stay with him because his family powerful.

Rusty made it into the Omegas.

Casey is a little drunk and is playing pool with Cappy. He comforts her while she is feeling down because of Evan’s betrayal. She sleeps with him.

Rusty confronts Evan at his party. He refuses his bid and gets hit in the face. Rusty takes a paddle and hits Evan in the face.

Casey bails Rusty out of jail. He thinks she is pathetic for staying with Evan. He talks with Cap the morning after the deadline is past, and Cappy enjoys hearing that Rusty beat Evan up with a paddle.

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