The Closer S03E01 (TNT)

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I don’t know why I haven’t posted the recaps of The Closer. It’s one of my favorite shows and it has just been sitting around on my HD. I’ll post a season review once I have posted all of the recaps, since the season just ended last week.

The episode starts with a video technician taking footage and interviews from police officers. All of the detectives of the squad are presented. The scene is a series multiple murders in a home. The footage is for the court and is shot real time, no editing. Just facts.

They found the son of the family hiding in the attic. There is some evidence that suggests that he washed his clothes and took a shower to wash off blood. The boy seems high.

Deputy Chief Johnson has a meeting with Pope about her budget. She has to let go one of her detectives. She must send one of the detectives to the anti-terrorism squad or fire one of her detectives. The team reads the memo that the chief just go.

The kid is on ecstasy.

Provenza is the detective that is eligible for retirement, so he is the closest to being let go.

Fritz is having problems with his and Brenda’s living arrangements. They have decided to go house hunting, but Brenda is putting it off. Fritz refuses to help her in her investigation unless she fills in the forms or helps him find a house, since there is no place for his stuff in Brenda’s house.

Provenza finds out that the family was rich, on the mother’s side; 900000$ a year from mutual funds and more from 30000000$ in stocks. The only beneficiaries are their children, of which there is only one alive.

The kid says that he slept through the murders; Johnson demonstrates that it’s pretty impossible for him to do so. Also, he is on drugs. He says that he snuck out last night. He says that he has been doing this for the last two months. Justin Darcy picks him up, his math tutor.

All of the detectives are at the office on the Sunday, on overtime. Pope walks in and he isn’t happy about the suicide watch on the kid. Pope delivers an ultimatum to Johnson. Justin gives Eric an alibi.

Provenza finds a phone. It’s Dr. Reicher’s, the doctor that was working with Wallace on some articles. Why was his phone found charging in the Wallace’s home? That is the mystery that needs to be solved.

Commander Taylor is helping Chief Johnson. He has an idea on how to reconfigure her squad. He wants Sergeant Gabriel. Part-time, at least.

On her way to Lompoc to Reichter’s home, she knows that Reichter is dead. He is Wallace. He is a bigamist. Johnson checks the alibi of both family members. The wife knew of the other family.

Pope is on Johnson’s ass because of her expenses on the case.

She fools the other son, Kim Reichter, by making him identify clothes that weren’t his. She exposes this fact to the son and shows him the timeline of the murders, thanks to the clothes and the murder weapon, because it degraded after each murder.

There is also fingerprint evidence.

Gabriel comes up with a way to keep the squad together. He would make everyone in Priority Homicide transfer into Counter terrorism and then be loaned back to Priority Homicide. Thousands of dollars per detective that would normally be earmarked for bringing the detectives up to speed on counter terrorism would go towards the Priority Homicide’s budget.

Fritz brought all of his stuff from the garage. It convinces Brenda that they need a new place.

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