The Closer S03E02 (TNT)

Fish in the Atoll Reef in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Fritz tells Brenda in bed that he talked to her dad.

A construction company was digging and found a body. The body has been dead for a long time. It isn’t even sure it’s a homicide. They found Lt. Provenza’s business card in the victim’s pocket.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The body had the ID Durell Richards. He went missing in 1992, during the LA riots. They find a bullet, which is likely the cause of death. Lt. Provenza remembers that in May 1992 he talked to the kid, because of someone shooting at some police cars. The kid wanted to talk. In June of the same year, Father Jack, a San Franciscan Priest who was part of the guns for food initiative, handed in a Colt Diamondback revolver, the same make that killed Richards.

They go to talk to Father Jack. He leads them to Richards’ mom.

Brenda talks with her mom. Her dad doesn’t want to talk to her. He wrote her a letter. Brenda is getting nutty whilst waiting for her father’s letter. The last time she got a letter from her father was when she was in freshman college and received a B- in school. Fritz wants to help Brenda, but she isn’t nice enough.

They receive a visit from Richards’ brother who was phoned by his mother.

Father Jack makes the gang members who want to come clean give money to his foundation. He has other small businesses that generate him money.

They find one of the people in the photograph his mother gave the police. Richards was confronted by another gang member, who is still alive. He works for Father Jack’s foundation.

They match the gun to the bullet grooves.

Deputy Chief Johnson is confronted by Chief Pope, the future councilman and the chief of detectives Taylor. She escapes through the backdoor and gets to the interview room.

Sergeant Gabriel has a disagreement on what Chief Johnson is doing. He tries to stop her and crosses the line. Deputy Chief Johnson is absolutely right. It is not up to the criminal to decide how to absolve himself and how to go through penance for his crimes. It is up to the courts. He is lucky she didn’t suspend him right away. The evidence seems to point to Richards’ brother.

The brother stole from the other gang members. He took part of their drug stash. He took a couple of bags of coke from Terry. Durell knew he had the bags and try to take the bags. There was a struggle for the gun, and he shot his brother.

Brenda’s daddy forgives her.




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