The Closer S03E03 (TNT)

A beautiful small and delicate octopus in Atoll Reef, in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Lt Flynn of the squad does a eulogy for a dead partner, Ray Hodge. The casket is so heavy that they drop it on the stairs. The casket falls open and a woman falls out with the dead cop. She was destined to be buried with the deceased. It turns into a homicide investigation.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The deputy chief appears; she was called by Lt Tao. She makes them stop. Johnson has to stop a bride from moving the body of the woman. The bride is infuriated because her guests have to use that exit of the church. She starts assaulting the chief and a general melee ensues.

A video of the whole affair was posted on the internet. It becomes the most downloaded video on the internet, of a woman fully clothed. The deputy chief is in trouble, funny trouble with Chief Pope.

Hodge’s wife is visibly upset when she learns of the dead naked woman in his casket. His past as a womanizer, drinker and gambler didn’t help matters. Johnson also has to do some damage control with the bride’s family; she’s still in custody for assaulting a police officer.

Chief Pope helps Deputy Chief Johnson, but the bride is adamant that she wants to sue the department. Johnson tells the police officers to book the wedding party.

The chief is talking to the funeral parlor “closer”, the person who closes the casket. He says that he doesn’t know anything about this body. Lt Provenza scores the 30000$ caterer food from the wedding for the cops.

The pathologist thinks that Hodge died from a heart attack. The Jane Doe is filled with plastic surgery. Most of the work on her was done in the last 18 months. However, he knows who the DB is, by checking the breasts implants against the surgeon’s records.

Johnson has a misunderstanding with the plastic surgeon, who tells her that she needs to be more careful with her make-up. He calls the victim as a perfect patient. She always paid in cash and in advance. The DB is Sue Emery.

Johnson is now totally self-conscious about her lipstick and her cleavage. There was a complaint filed against Emery for extortion by Hodge; she was blackmailing him.

It turns out that Flynn and Provenza were the reporting officers. Hodge called Flynn six months ago to say that he was being extorted by Sue Emery. It turns out that he reported this so he could make DMV checks by Provenza and Flynn. Emery was extorting a john.

The team investigates Emery’s apartment, which rents out at 6000$ a month. Johnson asks her female detective about her lipstick. She answers as a friend, instead of an employee.

Scott Howser was Emery’s partner in crime. He is her boyfriend. It turns out that he was her manager, he literary manager. Her book was worth millions, but he refuses to tell the cops what it was about. Johnson paints a great scenario. Howser incriminates himself by revealing the name of the funeral parlor. He asks for an attorney.

All of the cops are enjoying the bride’s cake. She wants Provenza and Flynn to author a wiretap warrant on Howser.

Fritz says something about “being as beautiful as you’ve ever looked” and Johnson connects the dots between the funeral parlor and the boyfriend. This leads to a sting operation were they snare the surgeon who is being blackmailed by Howser and Emery. The surgeon killed Emery. It turns out that the surgeon worked at the funeral parlor cleaning up the DB. He hired Hodge. The “book” was actually composed of before and after photos of the plastic surgeon’s best work.

At the end of the show, the bride had done a lot surgical work on her.

* * * * *

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