The Closer S03E04 (TNT)

This fish didn’t move at all in Atoll Reef. I wonder if he was sleeping or waiting for food. Taken in Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

Ruby Williams is an 8 year old girl who has gone missing. It is a known fact that if an abduction victim isn’t found within 48 hrs, the chances of finding the victim become very low. The Deputy Chief is marshalling all of the forces to find the perp. They find reports of a suspicious van that lead them to a Roger A. Steinbolt, who has a rap sheet for sexual battery.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

They search his home and find keys for a van. The dogs find a scent and they arrest the suspect.

The Chief’s voice becomes tinged with a more pronounced southern accent when she interrogates Roger. He almost breaks and starts to cry, but puts up an iron façade once more. He asks for a lawyer.

He says to Gabriel that kids want sex and that it isn’t wrong. He says that black girls are different. He says that they are more sexually developed than white girls. I wonder how this testimony will work for the chief. Gabriel looses it and Lt. Provenza switches off the video feed before Gabriel starts pounding on the suspect. The suspect tells Gabriel that he left Ruby at the park.

The detectives make their way to the park and don’t find anything alive. The dogs find her buried in a tarp near some rocks. Gabriel looses it again. He needs to control himself.

The Chief gets back to the interview room and sees that the suspect was beaten up. She calls Gabriel into her office. The Chief is pissed. None of this can be used in court. The Chief thinks that Gabriel is in trouble, because IA will investigate. She sends him home. She watches the tapes and sees Gabriel move onto the suspect. The feed was killed by Provenza. The chief isn’t happy. She wants to make sure that no one knows what Gabriel has done and that no one sees the suspect.

Fritz tells the chief that they think that Steinbolt is responsible for two other missing girls. The detective that is dating Gabriel comes by. She tells her that Commander Taylor normally has solutions to these kinds of problems.

The squad is going through the evidence and they think that the two girls are buried in Griffith Park. Commander Taylor comes by to save the chief of a difficult situation. Taylor and Johnson are talking in her office. Taylor tells her that Robbery Homicide should book the perp, maybe then he will confess again.

Taylor brings back Roger and he is even more beaten up. He was beaten up by other prisoners because it was leaked that he was a child molester. This beating covers up the black eye he received from Gabriel.

Roger revokes his right to counsel. He says that he found her walking around in the park. He says that she was wearing her pink jacket. The police found the pink jacket in an alley. She asks if he saw anybody suspicious around the park when he dropped Ruby off at the pay phone. She tells him that she is dead. The chief tells him to stop lying and tell him the truth. It’s the first time I see the chief use the threat of physical violence against a suspect. He confesses.

After that, the chief shows him photos of his two previous victim and he confesses as well.

* * * * *

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