The Closer S03E05 (TNT)

A mantaray in Atoll Reef, in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Fritz and Brenda are visiting a potential house. Brenda decides that they need to make an offer on the house.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

An old man has confessed to murdering 6 people. He says its poison. He doesn’t want a lawyer. He gives her the name of the dead body, Bernard Kaplan. He says he will give them the other DB’s names for some lunch.

Gabriel isn’t at his desk. Provenza tells Flynn to call Gabriel. He came off his suspension on Friday. Daniels calls him. The pathologist tells him that he was poisoned. The other bodies died in the last year. Provenza has the death certificates. They were all signed by the same physician.

Brenda is having trouble faxing the offer for the house to Fritz. She has to take the old man seriously. All of the bodies are from the same nursing home.

Sergeant Gabriel arrives at the squad. She asks him to babysit the suspect. Fritz corners Brenda at the nursing home because she faxed him his warrant instead of the offer. The suspect’s name is Donald Baxter.

He has been on anti-psychotic medication, but he hasn’t taken any of them. He withdraws his confession. He thinks that the nursing home killed those people. Provenza recognizes Baxter as a newspaperman on the crime beat.

Baxter believes that the murder victims were killed off because their money ran out. They were on Medicaid, and the nursing home was loosing money.

They get the tox report back from the pathologist; Kaplan was poisoned with arsenic. Daniels finds other residents on Medicaid, so the motive for profit is in doubt. Flynn comes back with the remains of the victims.

Pope signs off on the overtime if she doesn’t exhume the bodies. Pope gives her a fax telling her that the realtor received a counter-offer higher than the asking price.

Taylor comes with Baxter’s complaint. The deputy chief questions nurse Thomas. She asks about Dr. Reisen, who they can’t reach. She is informed that Baxter has a son. They are somewhat estranged.

Things aren’t the same anymore between Gabriel and the chief. She is keeping him at arm’s length for the time being. Fritz and Brenda are receiving counsel from Gary the realtor. Fritz is wondering about why the house needs to be moved so fast. Brenda has an idea about the dates.

The chief is interrogating the manager of the nursing home. No one came to see the deceased residents anymore. All of the deceased residents were poisoned with arsenic. The manager gets a bonus when the home has less than 3% vacancy. Gabriel reads him his rights. He confesses to mercy killings. He gives them an accountant’s view of why he orchestrated their deaths. He is arrested for 7 counts of 1st degree murder.

Baxter wants to go back to Summerview.

Brenda confesses to the owner of the house that she made up some stuff. The owner of the house never wanted to sell her house. She just wanted some company.

* * * * *

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