The Closer S03E06 (TNT)

Clown fish in Atoll Reef in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

The chief is lying on the asphalt next to the victim. She isn’t feeling well. She has a fever. The team is late, except Lt. Provenza. She asks the team to start doing detective work.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

They were in WMD training. They were 17 minutes away from finishing, but the chief called them back. Now they have to do the training all over again. It is because of Pope’s budget ideas. Pope tells her that he rescheduled the training for tomorrow, or she will loose one member of her squad.

Glenn Cooper had been taking out 500$ out of his accounts for a while. He took out almost 20000$. Lt. Provenza comes by with information that Cooper was with Tiffany Lewis. She was having an affair.

Brenda is waiting to see the doctor and she is really impatient. She bails and Fritzi goes to see the doctor.

Mrs. Lewis was having an affair with Cooper.

Flynn dumps Kenny Woods into the interview room. He has OCD. The anonymous caller is Kenny. He admits that he called 911. The chief manipulates him into revealing that a man was the murderer.

The vic was tasered before being garroted. Pope is on Brenda’s case and she freaks out on him. Taylor steps in and helps out.

Fritzi tells Brenda that he knows the way how to help her out. She finds out that they can hold the WMD training at in the murder room. They find that Mr. Lewis is a successful efficiency consultant. She questions Lewis and appears inept. He knows Cooper. He is his wife’s fitness trainer. Woods doesn’t recognize Lewis as the killer. He didn’t know about the affair, since he has a business manager who handles all of his bills. Brenda is sweating profusely. She is running another fever.

Ellis is a known felon and was in contact with Mr. Lewis. They get him into interrogation and he is surprised to learn that Lewis isn’t dead.

Mrs. Lewis is back. She is upset because Mr. Lewis knows about the affair. The chief takes a photo of Ellis. She makes him take the position of a dead body. He doesn’t realize anything because he is really stupid.

She makes Buzz take Lt. Tao’s place in the WMD training. Woods is shown a photoshopped photo of Ellis and identifies him as the murderer.

Brenda finds out that Mrs. Lewis gave Ellis the wrong date to follow her. That is when he killed Cooper instead of Mr. Lewis. She has trouble with numbers. There is a brawl between Ellis, Mrs. Lewis and the cops.

Fritzi has the doctor ready and waiting for Brenda. She doesn’t want to see him, but Fritzi insists. She makes him wait a bit more.

* * * * *

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