The Closer S03E07 (TNT)

A picture of a dolphin that I was able to get at Ocean Park, Hong Kong. It was hard, because the show wasn’t on till the afternoon. The dolphins were just hanging around.

Brenda goes to see a gynecologist. She gets a full physical, the first one that she has had in years.

Two teenage latino gang members have been shot and killed. Miguel Romero is causing a scene at the murder scene. He has baseball scholarships. There is apparently something wrong with the chief, she is sweating profusely in the interview room. Jesse Romero joined the Quatorzes after dropping from the baseball team, on which Miguel was playing.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The Quatorzes are in a gang war with the One Fives. Brenda uses an online diagnosis site to check out her symptoms. Fritz doubts the diagnosis. The next day, the chief almost looses in front of her squad. Detective Sanchez is part of a surveillance team on Miguel. He sees Miguel hook up with two Quatorzes.

There is a reconciliation meeting between the Quatorzes and the One Fives. The chief stirs up the pot a bit, because the theory that the One Fives were responsible for the shooting sounds ludicrous. The chief thinks that someone internal of the Quatorzes was responsible for the hit.

The boys were shot with a 25mm pistol. That is a strange weapon for gangsters. Miguel is being initiated into the Quatorzes.

Jesse Romero’s mom is ready in the interview room. The chief is acting strange again in the room; she is trying to put the air con on. The mom tells her that Jesse was trying to stop Miguel from joining the gang. They had been arguing about this. Rosalie, the mom, confesses that her drug dealer was in the house with her at the time that the call was made to Jesse’s home. It was actually a member of the Quatorzes who was dealing to her.

Miguel’s father confronts him after his Quatorzes’ initiation. He wants him to get away from them, but it’s too late. Miguel pulls a gun on his dad, a 25mm automatic. Sanchez and the others police officers sweep in to arrest the lot of them.

The chief snaps again at another detective in the squadroom, Lt Tao. The gun turns out to be the murder weapon. The gun was registered to Miguel’s uncle. Miguel’s father shot and killed Angel Flores and Jesse Romero.

Fritz thinks that Brenda is having he menopause. She has to go in for more tests.

* * * * *

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