The Closer S03E09 (TNT)

Sea Jelly Spectacular at Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Brenda is in counseling because she shot a suspect who was going to kill her. A lot of things are happening to Brenda; she has early menopause, buying a house, her parents are coming for a meeting, getting engaged and being attacked with a cattleprod.

The shrink doesn’t certify her ready for full investigative duties; she has to babysit a reporter.

The squad is tasked with a new murder. Gabriels has to drive the chief around. They drive around to problematic areas and get shot at. The reporter and the cameraman are shot up badly.

She has Fritzi pick up her parents. Brenda arrives home covered in blood. She comes home with a SWAT detail and a black and white outside.

The SWAT cops get pumped for information by Brenda’s mom. The squad is put on the case of who is trying to kill the chief.

After she manages to see the car which was shot at, Brenda deduces that Greg Pearson was the target not her. She checks his latest reports and finds that he lied to the people he interviewed. She learns that one of his reports caused the closure of a restaurant. The owner and operator committed suicide. His son is the prime suspect for the shooting, but the squad doesn’t really have any evidence.

Brenda corners him in the elevator and manages to make him confess. Later at dinner, she blurts out that Fritzi and her are engaged.

* * * * *

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