The Closer S03E10 (TNT)

A shark in the Shark Aquarium in Ocean Park, Hong Kong. I like this picture. It is a bit dark, but eerie once you know that the shadow is a shark!

There has been a murder in Chinatown. Brenda’s parents are still in town. They wants grandchildren, but Brenda blurts out that she is going through early onset of menopause.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Mrs. Ping owned and operated a tour bus in LA, a pretty successful one. She was ferrying around members of the Politburo from the PRC.

They play a message to Mr. Chen, the deceased’s husband. Wu Ming was having an affair with Mrs. Ping and the hubby asks for a lawyer.

Sanchez thinks that they can squeeze a tour guide with a rap sheet for information. The chief’s parents drop by and bring them lunch. Fritzi warns Brenda to not leave him alone with her parents anymore.

Miss Wong tells Brenda that Ping May has been seeing Chris one or two times a month. She tells them that Chris stays at the same hotel each time he is in town. It turns out that Chris is Chris Conroy, a business. Daniels finds that the tour buses have been making too much money for it to account.

Gabriels tells the chief that the Ma-Ching, a Chinese triad gang in LA, has a no-touch policy on the tour bus business of Mrs. Ping.

During dinner, Brenda’s dad Clay makes a very long speech. They interview Conroy. He tells the cops that he has been paying her for sex. He loaned her capital to start her business. He has also been arranging visas for her family. She also used the money to pay back the snakehead who brought her over from China.

Chief Pope meets Brenda’s parents at the squad. Clay reveals to the squad that Brenda is engaged to Fritz. Pope tells Brenda that Li Xu, a Chinese official from the PRC, lost his boss’ video camera and wants it back, pronto. Daniels learns that Mr. Chen, the husband, has bought a one way ticket back to China.

They corner Mr. Chen in an interview room. Mr. Chen says that Conroy takes a lot for what he gives. The chief sends Lt. Tao to interrogate Conroy. Tao does exactly as the Chief wants. Mr. Chen tells the chief that Conroy forced his father to acknowledge the fact that there was sex for business going on. Chen’s father killed Ping May.

Brenda is told that she doesn’t have menopause. She has some benign growths on her ovaries that can be removed. She will then no longer have the pre-menopausal symptoms.

* * * * *

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