The Closer S03E11 (TNT)

Brenda is back on the job after her surgery. They are at a dead body in a car accident. Coyotes came by and ate part of the body. The victim’s name was Marguerite Scott was part of Homeland Security.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

To the chief it looks like the victim was run over the ravine. The chief stands in poison oak without knowing it.

Pope tells her that Scott was an accountant and was auditing the department. He tells her that there are no worries about overtime on this case, she was his friend. Brenda has to take painkillers but can’t find them.

The chief is limping away and learns that Maggie’s computer and cell phone are missing. She asks Fritzi to dump her cell phone, but he says that there are new rules in place and that he can’t do anything. She forces the issue and complies.

The victim was well enough to crawl out of the car after the accident. Someone struck her with a branch or a large stick. She was then struck with a rock. The coroner tells her that the vic was sprayed with pepper spray in the face, that is why her face wasn’t eaten by the coyotes.

Jim Hansen was the person at the LAPD dealing with Maggie. He says that she was a nightmare. She was in his office every month for two years. Maggie was also checking up on Civil Audio, the company which provided the LAPD and the fire department with radios.

They meet Mr. White, the CFO for Civil Audio. He is an ex-cop. He tells them that Hansen’s wife left him and that the LAPD would face another audit.

Maggie’s husband flies in from Washington. He tells her that Maggie has been flying into LA every other week last year.

The FBI turn up and want to hijack the investigation because Fritzi reported it. The theft of the encrypted computer and phone make it a national security matter.

Pope tells her that he was having an affair with Maggie last year. The situation sounds too familiar to Brenda, because she used to be involved with Pope in the past as well.

The FBI wanted the car, but the chief stalls them adequately. They wanted the car because it has a Bluetooth function which would log all the calls she made.

Mr. White has been pulling in 500000$ a year. He has been pulling in money from somewhere off the books. His condo, which was recently sold, is near the crime scene.

The chief wants the FBI to arrest White so she informs them about him. She wants to interrogate the wife. She believes that the wife was there at the accident site.

Susan White confesses to killing Maggie. The murder was brutal and the chief isn’t nice in her final interrogation.

* * * * *

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