The Closer S03E12 (TNT)

The unmoving fish in Atoll Reef, Ocean Park Hong Kong.

A body was found at the home of Oliver Henry. It was him.

The episode moves in and out of the courtroom by using a great plot device, the tape that Buzz is filming for evidence purposes. Henry was a successful divorce attorney and he was killed in a fight with one of his clients’ spouses.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Valerie Henry was his wife. They recently divorced. They were partners in a firm, Henry & Henry, the number 2 divorce attorney firm in the city. Pope comes by to put some pressure on the deputy chief.

Dr. Morales confirms that a drug turns up in Henry’s blood. The drug can’t be subscribed.

The chief is on the stand. In the flashback, she is talking to Fritzi about the case and can’t think of anything but the murder. They talk about combining their bank accounts. Brenda hasn’t done anything about it. Fritzi gives her forms to sign to put her name on his accounts so they become joint accounts. He has thrown out all of her Ding Dongs and Ho Hoes.

Valerie Henry doesn’t have an alibi and was in her new apartment by herself. They divorced because of money. She spent too much of it. She’s got nothing but praise for Henry. Henry had put lien on a client’s home to make sure that they paid him. Recently, Henry had done this five times. Only one person had a black convertible BMW.

The chief leaves the courthouse and makes Commander Taylor answer all of the media’s questions.

Dr. Schaeffer is the man in questions. He was threatening Henry. In the end, Dr. Schaeffer and his wife reconciled. They go and visit Mrs. Schaeffer.

The chief acts stupid and tries to deceive Dr. Schaeffer. The doctor has an alibi. He was out fishing.

The doctor’s attorney keeps interrupting her. The jurors don’t like it. They can’t find the doctor’s alibi.

Pope was trying to check for a lower insurance rate for Brenda and Fritzi. Pope tells Brenda that Fritzi has two DUIs dating from five years ago.

Provenza and the chief interview the secretary who was having an affair with the good doctor.

Sergeant Gabriel tells the chief that they matched the dog hair from the Henry house to some dog hair found in Dr. Schaeffer’s car. They pursue the interrogation of Dr. Schaeffer.

There is a problem with the warrant of the car. It didn’t specify that they could search the car for dog hair fibers. These fibers matched the fibers of Henry’s dog.

The lawyer makes a critical mistake and asks the chief if they have any other physical evidence linking his client and the murder. The chief looks questioningly at the judge and she frowns. The lawyer repeats his question and the chief elaborates about the dog fibers. The lawyer objects but the judge overrules him because he specifically directly asked about this.

Surprisingly, the client’s alibi turns up at the trial.

* * * * *

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