The Closer S03E13 (TNT)

Another view of one of the sharks in the Shark Aquarium in Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Everyone is talking about the case.

Fritzi is trying to make Brenda feel better, but it doesn’t work. She finally tells him about the DUIs that she learned about from Pope.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The prosecution is discussing on how to proceed with the interview of Barnes. She agrees to wear an earpiece to hear the prosecutor’s questions. A few minutes in, she puts it off. Barnes gives her video of their sailing trip. She asks who was filming the video. He answers some kid off the dock.

She comes home and finds Fritzi is pissed off at her. They have an argument about flaws and his past alcoholism.

Henry’s ex talks to the chief about the FLARPL and why the house was being leaned on. It turns out that this lean is on another residence of the good doctor. This residence is listed as a clinic, but isn’t in a zone for business.

They investigate and find Lt. Flynn. It’s a grow-up. Eugene Barnes gets his mail delivered here. It’s filled with marijuana plants, 10-12 million dollars worth.

They arrest Barnes and Schaeffer again.

They find out that Schaeffer’s ex-girlfriend was the one filming the video. They bring her in.

They take in Mrs. Schaeffer and she tells that she found out that the doctor was growing marijuana. They committed the murder together. That is why Schaeffer has an alibi.

In exchange for murder 2 and the possibility of parole, Mrs. Schaeffer confesses to the murder, orchestrated by her husband. Her husband will be getting the death penalty, the prosecutor promises. It’s the fact that the doctor was still seeing his secretary.

The squad celebrates with a dinner out.

Brenda has put the house on the market. Fritzi and the chief kiss and make-up.

* * * * *

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