The Closer Season 3 Review

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It’s been a great series for The Closer with Kyra Sedgwick. The season finale of the summer got great ratings. The show has already been renewed for a fourth 15 episode season next summer.

TNT will follow the format that they established with the second season, a 14th and 15th episode feature length movie to be released in the “off-season” for The Closer.

This season, Brenda Lee Johnson finally confronted her biggest fears: her parents. She finally invited them over after Fritz asked to marry her. Also, Brenda had a scare earlier in the season; she was informed that she was going through early menopause, this even affected her work, since she had menopausal symptoms. In the end, it was something different and Brenda was back to normal after a surgery late in the series.

Brenda learned some things that Fritzi had kept from her. They also start combining their finances and finally start looking for a bigger house, when Fritzi moves his stuff into her little “murder” house.

As usual, she has a Sherlock Holmes like ability to find the truth through interrogation and is extremely proficient at it. It helps her solve a lot of her cases. In an episode, she even gets targeted by criminals, or so it seems.

Even so, it was a great season for The Closer. It’s one of the shows that I can’t wait to watch. All the episodes are excellent and I recommend them. They will be broadcast in the US again and in Canada for the first time this fall.

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