Kid Nation S01E01 (CBS)

An interesting sea horse going on its merry way in Atoll Reef, Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

This reality TV show sounds like it was made by stupid studio execs. I can already see the dialogue.

-So… We need a new show…
-I dunno, dogs? Kids? Survivor Kids?
-Everybody loves kids, why don’t we have a kid show?
-Good idea, but we want adults to watch it, so let’s make it like Survivor, everybody watches Survivor! We did it with Big Brother and got the best ratings ever this summer!
-We can’t call it Survivor Kids though, since people would freak out, if they are being starved and everything…
-Let’s keep’em in the States and make it like a “social experiment”, with waivers and shit and keep it entertaining.
-Sounds pretty good, I’m sure it will do great! Survivor kicks ass, this show will rock!

I’m sure something similar happened with the CBS studio execs. Kid Nation was supposed to air during the summer, but got put into Jericho’s spot for the fall season.

Initially, the way that the leaders were chosen and presented to the 40 kids was atrocious. Why? They were helicoptered in while the others arrived in a bus. The clear class distinctions are a problem with a bunch of kids.

It’s almost like some form of abuse, which is really strange since it’s been broadcasted on TV. They made the kids hike for a few miles into town. The 4 leaders will have to give away a golden star worth 20000$ every few days.

Maybe CBS thinks this makes good entertainment, but I believe that it’s just plain wrong, Ethically and in so many other ways. I hope the kids’ parents all sue CBS. My guess is that the show will get pulled because it’s just too controversial and people will have very strong objections against this type of reality TV. There is nothing wrong about making adults do this, but kids?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Once they arrive in town, they find that the sleeping conditions are pretty rustic. They are sleeping on a slim mattress. The shit hits the fan when they try to make mac and cheese by themselves without a recipe. Once this fails, they decide to follow a recipe from their cookbook.

The kids get impatient when the pasta takes longer to cook than they expected. The end result is very mushy. Taylor having an anxiety attack because she misses her bed and eating protein.

Mike wants a town meeting after dinner, but that isn’t going to happen. Nobody cares, because he is a little bossy kid.

The next day, Sophia makes pancakes and eggs. It’s pretty good. The little 8 year olds aren’t getting any food and an argument ensues. Mike tries to reel in the group.

Older kids are never going to listen to little kids. There is a showdown between Greg and Mike. Mike is just a little bossy bitch, no one cares. Michael takes care and makes the other kids listen to the council.

The leaders have to split up the other kids into 4 groups. Anjay got the older kids, Taylor the younger kids.

Jimmy is crying. He doesn’t want to do this anymore. Laurel tries to comfort him. During the night, Blaine and Greg do a bit of graffiti on the other bunkhouses with some chalk.

The kids are having trouble with the outhouse. It’s stinky and gross, in their own words.

Jonathan gives out the jobs and tasks. The “upper class” gets paid between two times and ten times more than the other kids. The kids use this money to spend it in their shops. The teams compete according to their colors. The team that wins the competition gets upper class status and the top paying jobs.

Due to a tactical mistake, the blue team is in second place. The red team is in first place. The green team is last and yellow is third. Since all the teams finished within an hour, they win the big reward. It’s either 7 more outhouses or a TV. Naturally, they want a TV. The leaders chose to get more outhouses.

Yellow makes breakfast and it’s a hit. The yellow team doesn’t want to do dishes.

The kids get some money and start to spend it. Already, the greens are upset at getting so little money. Sophia of the greens decides to dance for money and gets 3$ to buy her bicycle.

There is a town meeting and the kids are discussing if they are doing a good job.

Jonathan asks the kids if anyone wants to go home. Jimmy raises his hand and wants to leave, but there is some peer pressure for him to stay.

The council decides to give the gold star to Sophia. She also wins 20000$. She gets to phone her mom and talk to her.

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