Tell Me You Love Me S01E03 (HBO)

The tanks of the jelly fish in Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

Jamie is freaking out because she can’t find Hugo. He will not return her calls or any form of communication. David and Katie celebrate their anniversary in a strange fashion. Carolyn and Palek confront their issues in front of their friends. There is more mystery around this John person and Dr. Foster.

The show continues it’s Dogma style narration in between the four couples in various stages of their relationships. It seems that not a lot of time passes between the shows, so it could be imagined that actually a week passes in reality between the shows, and we catch up on this phantom week each time we watch the show. It’s a really interesting way to tell a story.

There is a definite feel of a lack of an established framework to the storyline. There is no way of knowing the names of the characters and other details before watching a few episodes. Even then, the only way I knew was from reading the press releases. This sort of mystery and gap makes Tell Me You Love Me tantalizing. For some reason it also reminds of me Pedro Almodovar‘s films. Maybe it’s the way that the show centers on relationships and maybe it’s just the way that the show brutally starts without any intros and ends with the title of the show, taking up most of the screen.

Warning: Spoilers ahead and mature written content.

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Palek is masturbating to get his sperm tested. Carolyn is talking dirty to him to talk him through him. Palek is waiting for his test results. His results are great and Carolyn is surprised.

Dave is talking to his colleague about his upcoming anniversary. Katie is in therapy with Dr. Foster. Katie is surprised to learn that May has been married for 43 years. They end up talking about the awkwardness in her marriage about sex.

Jamie is still getting settled in her new place. A friend comes by and they smoke up. They are talking about Hugo. Jamie misses him.

Dave and Katie are at one of their friend’s birthday party. They get news from one of their friends that they are getting divorced. A girlfriend tells her that she is spending too much time with her kids. She needs more couple time with Dave. One of them notices that Katie isn’t happy.

Arthur comes home and talks with May about John. Arthur talked about May with John. Arthur wants her to see him.

Jamie is phoning up old acquaintances she hasn’t called in a long while to hook up.

Dave is shopping for Katie. His daughter points out some lingerie, but this makes Dave feel awkward. He decides to buy it.

Jamie is meeting her friend and her boyfriend for drinks. They are all over each other and making her uncomfortable. They talk about monogamy and marriage, which is against Jamie’s values.

Carolyn and Palek go to a games night at their friend’s place. Palek makes the mistake about talking about their plans to have kids with their friends. Carolyn airs their dirty laundry to their friends. She tells them that they have been trying for over a year. Palek is psyched that his sperm is OK.

Dave is having his anniversary dinner with his family, instead of only with his wife. Their daughter Isabella wants Katie to open the gift at the restaurant. Dave makes a point to mention it that Isabella picked the lingerie, which is kind of strange.

Carolyn and Palek are arguing in the car.

Jamie tries to have sex, but it doesn’t work. They talk about her failed relationship with Hugo. Jamie calls Hugo again, but gets his voicemail.

Carolyn and Palek continue the argument at home. Palek wants some time alone. Carolyn tries to force herself onto Palek, in the end they make up. I think that instead of trying to procreate, they are actually making love for the first time in a while.

Jamie is freaking out in a bar with her best friend. She wants to find Hugo, but he isn’t replying to any of her SMS, emails and IMs.

Dave gets TiVo from his wife, he is happy. Katie asks if she can return the lingerie.

Any show that has got some Hooverphonic is da bomb!

Palek and Carolyn talk in bet after their intense sex. Palek wonders what will happen if they will not get pregnant.

Dave and Katie have a heart to heart about their marriage. He can’t put it into words.

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