Weeds S03E01 (Showtime)

Admiralty MTR station in Hong Kong.

Things really came to an intense paroxysm at the end of last season. It almost seems like the end for Nancy and her life, but in the end, hardships force her to adapt to her new situation.

Just like with The Closer, most of these articles have been written for a while. I just haven’t posted them. Nancy Botwin is trying to survive her established lifestyle since her husband died. She deals in dope to do so. She deals exclusively in pot. Last season, she tried to expand but it got bad when her husband Peter from the DEA wanted to get the money from the grow-up and rival gangs came into play as well.

Celia does something incredibly stupid and ruins Nancy’s chances of salvaging a sinking ship. An incredible continuation of what happened last season, this episode sets the tone for the next few weeks. I highly recommend Weeds, it’s a great show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Peter is dead. Shane is on the run with Cat. Silas stole Nancy’s stash. She is about to die, surrounded by people with guns. A family who used to live in Nancy’s drug farm come by and interrupts the massacre.

Last season, Silas stole all of the drug free zone signs and cameras that Celia put up. Celia is looking to put gas in Silas’ car, but pops the trunk instead.

Andy is still will the Indian looking for Shane and Cat. Cat dumps Shane at a reststop when she hooks up with another drifter named Bear. She is on the way to South America.

Nancy goes to the police station to bail out Silas. She tries to explain to Silas the situation. He tells Nancy about the car. She leaves him at the police station.

Dean tells Doug’s wife Dana that he slept with Celia. Doug kicks Dean in the nuts for that. Shane is trying to drive the van, but it’s not going well.

Andy learns that Shane is on the way in the van. Andy finds the van. It is abandoned.

The gangsters buy off the Armenian gangsters. Nancy reaches Celia and finds the car, but the drugs are missing. They find Celia and she dumped all of the drugs in Nancy’s pool.

Doug and Dean are taking prescription drugs.

* * * * *

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